I, Jonathan Munafo, am among the many January 6th defendants currently detained and held with charges pending against me for being present in DC on that day.

Things are currently difficult and even the simplest letter of encouragement is much appreciated. Thank you to the many who have already written a letter of encouragement. Hearing my name at mail call is among the few highlights of the day on this journey.

My hope is to resolve my case as soon as possible although I have every intention of going to trial. This will require help from the American people as I do not have the support of my family. Any contributions donated will go toward commissary and communication with my lawyer and anyone wishing to keep in contact with me.

Letting you know a little bit about who you are supporting should you choose to do so. I traveled the country for 11 months attending rallies and riots. When attending the rallies, I was among those known as the “front row Joe’s.” I was also present at the riots in cities across the country such as Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, Denver, CO, and Washington DC 3 different times. My journey was over 100,000 miles of seeing this beautiful country. Any donation to assist me will be a building block for creating new relationships and assist in securing future efforts to defend what is right. This is a hand-up for all of us, not a handout.

Thank you in advance for your consideration in this matter and God Bless you all!

Jonathan Munafo