After maximizing every ounce of joy out of the 11 months since his DIPG diagnosis, John Stotz tucked safely into the arms of Jesus on January 21, 2023. In lieu of flowers or other tributes, donations to the John Stotz Legacy Fund would be greatly appreciated.

The family has created this fund to contribute to projects John would be passionate about (the first order of business will be getting REAL soccer goals for his HCA classmates to use at recess - the PVC ones that he and his dad built there are already cracked!), as a way to remember him and continue to show that the Lord brings beauty from ashes, just as He promised.

John Stotz loved JESUS and PEOPLE, and all monies contributed to this fund will go towards honoring the Lord by loving on the people He put in John’s path. If you want to hear about some of the specific ideas we have, we are glad to share! If you had the privilege of knowing John, you probably received a gift or a note from him at some point. God gave him a heart for others that was way beyond his years. Even in his last weeks of life, his favorite pastime was ordering little treats to bless his family and friends (and dogs!). Blessing others gave him so much joy! That joy is the place from which we will govern this fund.

We will choose projects that would’ve brought John so much joy. It is the best way for his legacy to live on here on earth, until we can be with him again in heaven.