Hey y'all! Thanks for visiting my page.

My name's John, and I'm a member of Bethany Baptist Church in Bellflower, CA

I'd like to invite you to partner with me as I go to Together For the Gospel 2018.

Together for the Gospel is a biennial conference that gathers over 10,000 church pastors and leaders to hear God's Word together, sing together, and tackle various issues and topics of the church together. I attended the conference two years ago, and it was a blessing to my soul.

Here are three ways that attending T4G 2016 encouraged me:

1. Bolstering expository preaching

T4G has helped me focus my emphasis on preaching the Word clearly, and emphasizing God's saving work. Since then, I've preached over 15 times in my local church, and have preached as well in other local church in Southern California.

2. Increasing love for Bethany Baptist Church

Seeing all God is doing nationally and internationally helped me see the broader work that God is doing, and the part that Bethany Baptist Church has played in that. I taught Bible studies and Sunday Schools, as well as engaging in personal 1-on-1 Bible reading with many of our members.

3. Encouraging pastors and future pastors

Not only did T4G help me meet different pastors and see what God was doing in their areas, it helped me focus on encouraging other pastors in my area. I've met and encouraged many pastors from the Los Angeles Southern Baptist Association as well as other networks. I've also had greater emphasis on encouraging future pastors in my cohort in CBU.

So here's three steps for supporting my ministry as I go to T4G:

1. Consider
Consider what kind of impact you could make for the Gospel.

2. Pray
Please pray for me and the 10,000+ others that will be attending T4G, that they would be refreshed and encouraged.


3. Give!

Whether it's what you would spend on a coffee, or if God leads you to give more, any amount helps!

Here's the price breakdown of my trip (tax included):

T4G Admission: $111.77
Plane Ticket: $428.46
Hotel: $300.32
Food: $152.42

Total Needed: $992.87

Total Given (as of Dec. 11): $936.77 (94.3%!)

Total Remaining: $56.10


Venmo: @HaHyung-Lee

Cash App/Square Cash: $johnhblee

In Person: Cash, or Checks addressed to "HaHyung John Lee"

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at hhlee777@gmail.com.