Edgelord Jilly Pepper Needs Our Help

Campaign Created by: Joann Pappas

The funds from this campaign will be received by Jill Tanner.

Raised : USD $ 14,280

HELP Edgelord PEPPER (aka Jilly) get herself & her family settled in Arizona. 


Many of you know Jilly had to leave her previous job in GA due to vaccine mandates. After living on savings while applying for various positions, she finally landed a promising job in her field in Arizona. Moving from GA to AZ presents a daunting obstacle of upfront urgent expenses.

As a single mother, she’s incurred higher-than-anticipated costs associated with this big move.Her two sons are also applying for jobs in AZ so the whole family can stay together. Jilly needs to purchase a car for reliable transportation. She’s currently working at her new job, but needs to secure funds for a rental home/apartment soon so her household belongings and her sons can be moved from GA. 


Over the past several years, Jilly encouraged countless beginners to broadcast online, setting a great example with her Periscope broadcasts. After the Twitter purge and Periscope shut down, Jilly then helped many of our favorite voices set up their Telegram Chats. She spent much time learning the tech aspects of Telegram and training others on how to secure the free flow of information in countless Chat Rooms. Her heart is to always put others first, and she continues working many hours as an Admin/Moderator to help others, free of charge — the priceless benefits of which cannot be calculated. 


Jilly prefers giving help, so WE are asking on her behalf — please consider helping her at this strategic time in her life with prayers and/or financial donations. Any amount you can possibly give would be greatly appreciated. Let’s give back to Jilly, who has brought priceless value and friendship into our lives. 

God bless and thank you so much!


Update #1 from Pepper - THANK YOU!
June 7, 2022
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