Jeremy MacKenzie Legal Defense Fund

Campaign Created by: Andrew MacGillivray

The funds from this campaign will be received by Jeremy MacKenzie.

Goal: CAD $50,000
Raised: CAD $ 41,224

Free Speech and Liberty Defense 

Canadian Armed Forces veteran and Medal of Sacrifice winner Jeremy Mackenzie is known online as the Raging Dissident. His irreverent podcast gained international attention during the Freedom Convoy 2022 in Ottawa, Canada. Jeremy is also the creator of Diagolon, a fictious country created as a meme to mock the Government of Canada and its overreach on issues such as vaccine mandates and lockdowns. 

Unfortunately for him, he has been successful in exposing the lies of the Canadian government. As a response, the Government of Canada has launched a series of politically motivated actions against him. Although “Diagalon” does not exist, except as a meme, he has been accused of firearms offences and has faced public accusations of being a terrorist. With the harassment campaign against him weakening as the lies of the government are exposed, a new front has been opened against him. The province of Saskatchewan has resurfaced criminal charges against him which had already been debunked.  

Jeremy’s situation is like that of Tamara Lich of Freedom Convoy 2022.The Government of Canada is afraid of what they are saying and are using the ‘justice” system to silence them, hoping it will serve as a warning to others. 

If you would like to help stand up to the Government of Canada as it attempts to make Jeremy a political prisoner, please consider donating to this Give Send Go campaign. 

All funds from this campaign will go directly to Jeremy, if you're not comfortable with donating via Give Send Go, please consider e-transferring directly to Jeremy at his email (auto-deposit enabled)


Update #2
November 16, 2022
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Good morning,

Thank you again for helping contribute to Jeremy's legal defense fund.  Post trucker convoy I was speaking at various freedom events and I would say that we need to take a stand against the state because "it is Jeremy MacKenzie today, me tomorrow, you the next day" and the state will continue to persecute their citizen's who stand up and push back.  They will use our money (tax dollars) to tar and feather all of us in their endless pursuit of their global enslavement agenda.

Sherif (Jeremy's lawyer) is not cheap and it will cost Jeremy $25,000 per case and $5,000 per bail hearing which will be in excess of $125,000.  As you know Jeremy isn't getting his podcast income so we need to continue to share this GSG campaign far and wide to help him fight back against the state.

If you aren't comfortable using GSG you can etransfer directly to (auto deposit is enabled).  For all updates on his legal fight you can follow on telegram or

Thank you again for your support.


Andrew (Drew) MacGillivray

First Update
November 5, 2022
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Hi all,

First, I'd like to thank you for donating to Jeremy's legal defense fund.  My name is Andrew MacGillivray and I'm a retired Naval Warfare Officer who served in the CAF from 2009 to 2021.  I'm a veteran who is trying to help a fellow veteran, Jeremy, who in my opinion is being unfairly targeted by the state.  I have fundraised once in the past when myself and a Chief Petty Officer friend of mine raised money for the children of one of our shipmates who was lost at sea in the fall of 2020 

I've maintained regular comms with Jeremy, Morgan and his family.  He is getting a fair bit of support behind the scenes from friends, family and veterans who don't necessarily broadcast everything on social media for everyone to see but rest assured that there is a strong group of people working hard to support Jeremy behind the scenes.

After several missteps with legal representation, Jeremy has finally settled on Sherif M. Foda who is willing to take on ALL of Jeremy's legal cases which is great news.  Sherif is unafraid and will represent Jeremy to the best of his ability which is excellent news but that will come at a cost.  Right now the estimates are at over $100,000 to defend Jeremy in all his cases and because he is unable to podcast, he is unable to generate the funds to cover his defense. 

I would appreciate it if you could share this give send go with as many people as possible.  If we can convince 10,000 people to contribute $10 each that would cover the bulk of Jeremy's legal defense.  As Canadians we need to step forward and bulwark around political prisoners like Jeremy and let the state know that it's not ok to do this to their own citizens.

Thank you for your time and support.


Andrew (Drew) MacGillivray


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