Jeremy Brown is a highly-decorated former Green Beret being charged with various serious felonies by the FBI. But things are not what they seem. The U.S. government and the mainstream media will have you believe that Jeremy is a dangerous man a threat to society. They say he belongs behind bars for "trespassing" on Capitol on January 6th. Yet, he never entered the Capitol building.

Our journey follows now retired 20-year Green Beret throughout his stellar career in counterintelligence operations to the tangled web of spies and lies spun by nefarious actors in our federal government. Jeremy swore an oath to the American people- an oath he took very seriously- to protect his Country from enemies, both foreign and domestic.

When the FBI approached Jeremy in December 2020 offering him money to become a spy for them, Jeremy knew something was amiss. He declined their offer but recorded the conversation with their knowledge.

Three months later, when the FBI Director stated publicly that there were no "Confidential Human Sources" at the Capitol on January 6th, Jeremy knew that was a blatant lie.

Jeremy took his story and recording to the media to warn the American people of the lies they were being told by the Director.

The DOJ judge-shopped until they eventually found one in Washington DC to sign a search warrant against Jeremy for two misdemeanor trespassing charges even though Jeremy, like the thousands of other Patriots present that day, never saw any no trespassing signs.

This documentary will reveal who the man Jeremy Brown really is, the circumstances surrounding his departure from Special Forces, the whistleblower recording he made of the FBI agents, what exactly he was doing at the Capitol on January 6th, the FBI raid on his home, his subsequent arrest, his over 400 days held in maximum security, and his trial set to start on December 5, 2022 in Tampa, Florida.

This story is one that can happen to any one of us. Please support the brave Patriots who are putting together this documentary as they're doing so at great personal risk and at their own expense. This is a story that simply must get out.