Everyone who knows Jennifer knows that she is a sweet, fun-loving, free-spirited, hard-working, dedicated, and amazing mother to her eight-year-old son and ten-year-old daughter. Since her divorce, she has done everything possible to give them the best life possible. Unfortunately, a dramatic turn of events has turned their world upside-down AND inside-out multiple times.  

Last year, Jennifer and her children moved back to her home state of Illinois from Texas for various reasons. In July, she found a lovely townhome in a great neighborhood, and the family moved in. Things were looking up, and after many tumultuous months, they all found their joy again.  

On October 21st, all broke loose. The upstairs washing machine malfunctioned and flooded her home, causing significant damage to parts of the upstairs and nearly all the downstairs. Her homeowner's insurance covered the claim, and the funds were provided for the demolition, materials, and restoration. She hired a company to restore her home and believed all was quickly on its way to being repaired. Due to the level of repair required, she and the kids moved into corporate housing while her home was being restored. The restoration company said this would take six to eight weeks.  

The restoration company got to work and removed all the damaged drywall, cabinets, flooring, etc., everything down to the studs and concrete downstairs, and removed her washer/dryer area and bathrooms upstairs. Three months later, the insurance adjuster prompted her to ask what had been taking so long. She went down the list of items the company billed her for to see what was left. It was then she noticed charges for things they didn't do, and she started to question this and why the house was still in utter shambles! After several exchanges with the restoration company to make things right, they decided not to continue the work and abandoned the project.  

The restoration company left the house with no kitchen, no bathrooms (meaning no toilet, sinks, or shower/bath), no water supply, no proper living areas, no drywall on the walls, and no flooring; it is literally a shell with framing inside. The allotted time in corporate housing covered by her homeowner's insurance is up, and she and the kids have had to move into this "shell" and attempt to survive. To further complicate things, the company that was doing the "repairs" didn't complete anything correctly.  Since then, every contractor who has seen their work has said everything needs to be redone correctly and to code.  

This hit at a time when Jennifer was recovering financially from buying the property and moving to Illinois. Jennifer is now left hanging, out $20,000 with an unfinished home. She has inquired with several attorneys about filing suit against the restoration company, but nothing is in ink at this time. Now she doesn't have the means or the funds to complete this work and get her house back into working order. Bank accounts are low, credit cards are maxed, and her insurance has already paid out what it can, yet she finds herself in a worse-off position. She's in a real bind.  

Jennifer has no support in Illinois. There is no one to help her navigate this process while she is still attempting to work, no one to meet with contractors, no one to help initiate a legal suit, and no one to help her put this home back together. What she needs is a miracle!

That's where her friends come in. She and her two children could really use any help you can provide, and any amount is much appreciated. All of the funds raised will go to restoring her home to a working, livable condition.