My name is Karl.  At the end of September 2021, I packed up my whole life and drove across the entire continent, to escape Portland, Oregon, and start my life over with my brother in Florida.  Unfortunately that hasn't worked out as I had hoped, and my savings have run out.  I am presently sleeping in my van, and hoping it won't get impounded.

I desperately need housing and work, in or near Palm Beach County, Florida, immediately - the simpler the arrangement, the better.  A description of my work qualifications can be found in this blog entry:

In exchange for your generous contributions, I also offer a science-fiction future-history I have been working on since the 1990s, and of which I am posting a new chapter every Friday:

From that page you can access the rest of my website, including my daily blog, and my YouTube and Rumble channels, where I have posted some instructional videos which some people have found useful:

Thank you in advance for your help!