House for Missionaries in El Salvador!

Campaign Created by: Theodore Jedlicka

The funds from this campaign will be received by Theodore Jedlicka.

Goal: USD $280,000
Raised: USD $ 200,599

Help build a house for the Jedlicka family, as they serve as long-term missionaries in El Salvador!

About the Jedlicka Family and their Ministry:

Pastor Theo, his wife Rebecca, and their four children: Sarah, Daniela, Jan, and Benjamin live and serve full-time in Central America since 2009 as independent Christian missionaries. Theo is originally from Northern California and met his wife Rebecca (who is Salvadorean) while doing ministry training in Nicaragua in 2009. Both felt called to full-time mission work. After getting married, they have focused their efforts as a family on pastoring churches, discipling others, counseling, evangelizing, teaching the Bible, and training Latinos for international missions, all while living and raising their children on the mission field.
They are passionate about making disciples of Jesus and bringing depth and reality to the gospel message in Central America; one person at a time. They do this by pastoring locally in a non-denominational church (Theo is an ordained pastor with Calvary Chapel), while also working alongside of other churches, ministries, and missionaries in Central America in a group effort to bring the hope of Jesus to a country beset with crime, poverty, violence, and brokenness. Their vision is to redefine life for people in Central America by plugging them into the only source of life, Jesus Christ!

About the House Building Project:

Your donations will help us build our house on a centrally located piece of land in the metro area of San Salvador (the capital of El Salvador), to be used as a primary home for our family and a launch pad for our ministry. Because we are passionate about hospitality and hosting others, we plan to build a house that facilitates both, while also keeping it modest and sustainable. Our lives are very busy helping others, and we hope that finally having a place of our own to call home will help us continue to invest in God's kingdom and the future of El Salvador!
The money that is donated will go first to 1. buying a property (appx $75,000) 2. building the house ($175,000), plus $30,000 (12% for taxes and fees) for an approximate total of $280,000 (once a property is purchased we will update this number to reflect our actual expenses)We will provide updates on what is being donated and our progress along the way, and adjust the financial goals on the top of the page accordingly, as we get more information (should we come across a house for sale that meets our family/ministry and budget, we will update you all as well).

Why Now?

After nearly 15 years of ministry and living by faith, we have learned to trust God for our needs, to ask God for His provision, and to involve the body of Christ in the process. As independent missionaries, our financial support comes almost exclusively from individual donors and small churches - we have never had a formal salary, nor large cash reserves, but have learned to pray for our needs as they arise.
As our family and ministry have grown, so too did our need for housing that was better suited for us. Meanwhile, rents and real estate around us became increasingly unaffordable. In the face of so many obstacles, we felt that the correct course of action was to simply share our needs with our prayer partners, and go to the LORD in prayer while trusting in His timing. We did not want to find ourselves getting ahead of the LORD, or starting something in our own strength.
In the last few months, however, we have seen things start to shift, and the answer to these prayers began taking shape. Several of our prayer partners shared with us that they felt led by the LORD to pray earnestly for a house for us; while at the same time others were being led by God to help. As we see God moving in this area, we don't want to be left behind either, so we've decided to start this fundraising page for the house build, and give you the opportunity to come along with us on the journey too - that we could all be encouraged with what the LORD is doing!

Why Build?

Owning our own house in El Salvador saves more money in the long-term versus renting, but also provides financial security, stability, and safety for our family in a country where all of these things are very hard to find. This is especially true as life has become more challenging around the world in the wake of the pandemic, and to an even greater degree in the developing world.
With real estate in El Salvador growing quickly, and labor relatively cheap, building a house is currently more cost-effective than buying new or used, and gives us the added bonus of flexibility and control to build a house to suit our unique needs (if, however, we are able to locate a property that suits our needs that would be cheaper than building, we will be open to it, and will let everyone know).

There are many challenges inherent to building a house in El Salvador, but we feel confident that the LORD will help us along the way. We are also thankful that in the time we have already lived here, we had the chance to adapt to life in El Salvadorget to know the country, and meet the requisite professional contacts needed for this kind of project.

Final Thoughts

We are thankful to all of you for joining us on this journey, our hope is that you would be challenged and encouraged, and that in watching God work and move, we would all desire to go deeper with Him in our own lives.
Though these plans began as prayers in our hearts years ago, we feel now that God is asking us to step out in faith yet again, and although it all feels way too big for us, we place our hope in the LORD!
After reading this, we ask you to please pray for our family and God's work here in El Salvador!
We are excited to see what God will do, and blessed to walk together in this journey
God bless you!


The Miracle Loan!
October 10, 2022
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We have a huge update we have been waiting to share with you all! God has moved in a big MIRACULOUS way and we are so thankful!

As many of you already know, as missionaries we could not borrow from any bank for our house -  but God has opened the doors for us, and we have been offered a private loan at low-interest for $200,000 from friends of the ministry. In a desire to submit to our leaders and seek counsel, we have had to sit on this exciting news for the last several weeks; we now see the LORD's confirmation and are so excited to share this news with all of you who have been praying for us - and may not have seen what God was doing behind the scenes! God is so good and we are constantly blown away by His faithfulness!

This means that in order to build or buy - we are now 75-80% funded! Yay God!


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