In November, 2020, we witnessed an election stolen before our very eyes. Ballots were dumped in the swing states that closed all together on election night in an obvious attempt to cheat the totals and install a puppet president for the New World Order and possibly for China. Returning to the FrontLine in 2020, using a marching drum for the artillery and drumsticks as the ammo, The Patriot Drummer Mike has been campaigning at many freedom rallies and Trump events playing the rudiments and beats for the encouragement and spiritual uplifting of the freedom fighters who would take the time and effort to attend rallies to proclaim our God given rights and freedoms. On January 6th 2024 I will again be traveling to Washington DC .. land of the SwampRats.. to join Look Ahead America Look Ahead America J6 Vigil and many other Patriots gathering at the Department of Justice to protest and send the message that WE have not forgotten about the abuses and injustices suffered by defendants who are still being held without bail or trial since being arrested for peacefully participating in the January 6th 2021 event. That is almost 3 years ago!!! Please help me be an encouragement and a uplift for these patriotic folks by joining me and/or consider donating for the travel and living expenses I have tabulated for this trip. Any amount will be appreciated and used for just transportation and hotel costs. Currently asking for a goal of one thousand that will also go to any future rallies and events being planned for 2024. Thank you and God you and your own.. and may God Bless America🥁🏛🥁