Hello Patriots,

My name is Jake Lang. I'm a January 6th political prisoner who has been locked inside DC Jail for over 1 year and now currently in Alexandria Detention Center. I've suffered 200+ days of solitary confinement and terrible conditions including no visitation, no shave/haircut, no religious services, and no access to legal library. Even though I've suffered through excruciating trials, they are the least of my worries. I was offered a 108 month plea deal!!!  

The 4 brave patriots that gave their life for their country will have died in vain unless we get the true story out of that day. The unarmed American protestors were ambushed and brutalized by the capitol police on Jan 6th for simply exercising our constitutional rights. Many of us have sat in jail for a year for defending ourselves and our country against the impending wave of socialism and tyranny. The largest struggle the over  900+ patriots/protestors charged with crimes on January 6th face is the mainstream media and their lies. The narrative the Mainstream media has spun about January 6th couldn’t be further from the truth.

From DC Jail, my team and I have created a website loaded with heart wrenching real video never before seen from January 6th. These videos shatter the narrative and dismantle the charges brought up against the patriot protestors. Getting the truth out about January 6th out to the public is absolutely vital, these videos have the power to vindicate all of our brave patriots that stood up for America that day. We desperately need your help raising funds to buy full page newspaper ads, billboards, commercials, and other marketing material to get this website out to the American public. All funds raised will go to January 6th related matters such as legal funds and commissary etc.

The FBI and DOJ have meticulously and systematically disenfranchised anybody or anyone who stands in their way; covering up all of the horrific police brutality of January 6th, which explains why patriots had to defend themselves. Until you see the videos on this website, you have not seen the full truth and we are working to get out more!  

Please donate now to help fund these efforts and share with those you know. Without the truth, none of us will receive a fair trial. This is the single most important thing you can do to support the Jan 6 political prisoners and help exonerate these brave patriots. God Bless you and Thank you!