The January 6 Legal Defense Fund

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Goal: USD $750,000
Raised: USD $ 140,349

The "January 6 Legal Defense Fund" is a registered 501(c)(4) non-profit entity, and was established for one purpose and one purpose only -- to support individuals charged in connection with the events of January 6 in paying their legal defense fees and costs using an attorney they chose rather than an attorney chosen for them.


The Fund currently supports 26 clients.

Currently, primary counsel for the cases funded by the January 6 Legal Defense Fund is William L. Shipley, Esq.


Mr. Shipley has taken on a tremendous case load which include the following:

United States v. Leo Bozell 21-cr-00216

United States v. Michael Brock 21-cr-00500

United States v. Jacob Chansley 21-cr-00003

United States v. Nathan DeGrave 21-cr-00088 

United States v. Lucas Denney 22-cr-00070

United States v. Brandon Fellows 21-cr-00083 

United States v. Ronald McAbee 21-cr-00035 – Styled as United States v. Jeffery Sabol, et al.

United States v. James McGrew 21-cr-00398

United States v. David Mehaffie 21-cr-00040 – Styled as United States v. Patrick McCaughey

United States v. Roberto Minuta 22-cr-00015 – Styled as United States v. Stewart Rhodes, et al. 

United States v. Henry Muntzer 21-cr-00105 

United States v. William Pepe 21-cr-00052

United States v. Linwood Robinson Sr, et al. 22-cr-00251

Mr. Shipley represents all four members of the Robinson family.

United States v. Anthony Sargent 21-cr-00639

United States v. Tyler Tew 22-cr-00027

United States v. Kevin and Nathan Tuck 21-cr- 00378- Styled as United States v. Arthur Jackman

United States v. Isaac Westbury, et al, 21-cr-00605

Mr. Shipley represents all three members of the Westbury family and Isaac James.

United States v. Christopher Worrell 21-cr-292

United States v. Daniel Phipps 21-cr-44


To the extent money is available, the Fund will support the work of any attorney who applies and demonstrates legitimate and bona fide efforts to engage in a vigorous and meaningful defense of his or her client(s).  


Funds will not be wasted on legal efforts of dubious quality or for engaging in unsound defense tactics. Attorneys who do so will not be supported further by the limited resources of the Fund.


All clients supported by the Fund are expected to engage in separate fundraising on their own behalf in their own communities. The Fund cannot and does not provide comprehensive funding of all fees and costs for any individual client.


You may contribute to the defense fees and costs of a specific Fund client at the Fund's website, Contributions made here will be placed in a general pool of funds used at the discretion of the Fund on behalf of any and all Fund clients.




United States v. Roberto Minuta
November 26, 2022
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Roberto Minuta, indicted as a member of the Oath Keepers organization, is set to begin trial with three co-defendants on December 5, 2022.  
Minuta was born and raised in upstate New York, but has relocated his family to Texas to avoid a variety of governmental mandates that he did not agree with.
Roberto traveled to Washington DC late in the evening of Jan. 5, 2021 -- after having spent the prior week in Texas looking for a new house -- for the purpose of being a member of a personal security detail, as he had done in the past.  He had no firearm and only arrived at the Capitol after hundreds -- maybe thousands -- of protesters had already gone inside.  
He did so only at the express direction of a USCP officer, as the evidence at trial will show.
The trial estimate for the second Oath Keeper trial is 4-5 weeks.  The first Oath Keeper trial lasted 9 weeks after it was predicted to take only 5 weeks.

United States v. David Mehaffie: Acquittal of Count 34-- 1512(c)(2): Obstructing a Proceeding of Congress
September 18, 2022
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Attorney William Shipley with the support of Ryan Marshall represented David Mehaffie at his trial before United States District Judge Trevor McFadden, which began August 29, 2022.

Mr. Mehaffie was charged with "aiding and abetting" assaults by others on federal law enforcement officers, corruptly obstructing a Congressional proceeding, civil disorder, and two misdemeanors for being unlawfully inside the Capitol.  

After five days of testimony, including more than four hours of testimony by David Mehaffie himself, the Judge entered a verdict of "Not Guilty" on the count of corruptly obstructing Congress, but guilty on all the remaining counts.  This is the first "Not Guilty" verdict obtained at trial on a felony charge in all the January 6 cases brought by the government.  

As to the remaining four counts, the Judge expressly found that David Mehaffie did not "aid and abet" anyone with regard to assaults committed against federal law enforcement officers.  But the statute under which he was charged covers conduct much broader than "assault" -- it also covers conduct that obstructs, impedes, interfers with, etc., federal law enforcement officers in the performance of their duties.  The Judge found that Mr. Mehaffie's conduct did "aid and abet" others in their efforts to obstruct, impede, etc., federal law enforcement officers as they attempted to prevent protesters from entering the Capitol.

The "obstructing Congress" count, with a statutory maximum penalty of 20 years, was the most serious charge David Mehaffie was facing, and the acquittal on that charge makes his potential exposure at sentencing much less severe.  

Sentencing is set for January 26, 2023.  Much work remains to be done in that regard, and any contributions towards the costs of defending David Mehaffie are greatly appreciated by David and his family." 


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