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Update: As of June 11,2021 Billy is still being held in the DC Gulag. Still no trial date, status hearings have been delayed for months. We are praying this ends soon. Since Billy has been incarcerated as a policial prisoner, he has missed his kids birthdays, graduations, and countless other celebrations. 485 days without our dad. Thank you to all who have donated and sent prayers. Please, keep the prayers coming. God Bless You! 

On Feburary 11th Billy was taken from his house by the FBI following the January 6th rally, and has been held without bail with horrible treatment and in very dangerous conditions. He is an Army veteran that served as a combat medic for 4 years and comes from a family of veterans. Billy is the definition of a patriot. He had a 15 year long career as a Union sheet metal worker, he was laid off due to covid and then doxed by members of Antifa, resulting in being blacklisted from the Union. 
Since Billy has been incarcerated he has lost his house, his career, and his family is now separated by 2 states. His family is his biggest priority in his life. He is an amazing father and his family misses him so much and needs him home. He literally has nothing left. He has lost a lot of weight due to not getting enough food, commissary costs, and the awful condition of food in the prison. Your donations would help with commissary money, phone card expenses, and help with bills that his family is having a hard time with. The condition these patriots are enduring is in humane and they need your help. 
Please keep him and his family in your prayers. God bless you. 


Update #5
April 17, 2024
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It’s been a while since I updated about Billy. 

He has been sentenced to 55 months in prison and 3 years probation and is serving his time in Texas. Still missing his babies and wife terribly, everyday! Thankfully, he is starting to see the finish line, now starts the stress of what he is going to do after he is out. The talk of halfway houses have started and we are beyond excited to be a complete family again soon. When he gets out he will need to find a place to stay close to his kids and grandkids. He is staying positive and appreciates all help that you all have shown our family and all the prays that have been said for us. We pray this comes to an end soon. It has been 1,160 days since we saw him free, since we were able to hug him without guards starting and timing us, he has gotten to see family recently which helps him get his mind off of things for the moment. Thankfully he is able to have longer visits at the new facility he is in. I’ll update when we know more about what’s next. 

God bless you 

-The Chrestman family 

Update #4
March 14, 2023
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760 days. 

That’s how long Billy’s wife and kids have gone without him. Still no updates at all. Next month will be 1 year since he has seen the inside of a court room. Still no details on trial, bond hearings or even status hearings. 

We are trying to keep hopeful since the release of the tapes but everyday is a struggle without Billy at home. We are praying hard every single day for an answer or a miracle. Which feels like what we need at this point. 

Billy recently got to see some of his family for the first time in 2+ years, it was a short 1 hour visit, both visitors and inmates had to be masked (prison staff did not), 4+ feet away from each other and only allowed 2 quick hugs, so with DC being 18+ hours from majority of his kids, visiting has been difficult and expensive. We are so grateful for “Operation Love Wins”, some family will be able to visit him here soon, thanks to this amazing program. 

To all the other j6 family and friends, we see you, we hear you, we are you. We pray your family becomes whole again just as hard as we pray for our family to be complete again. 

To every supporter, God bless you. Billy couldn’t have been able to eat (since he survives off of 99% commissary, due to the “meals” being pretty much uneatable), talk to his family (we wait all week to hear from him and it’s the best part of our week), and simply survive in the gulag. 

We hope to see him free soon, anything helps. Thank you. 

The Chrestman Family 

Update #3
January 21, 2023
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updateImage Face to Face visitation was just granted to the J6 patriots. 1 hour visits (no matter how far you come from) even though the other pods (not j6ers), get 2 hours for out of town visitors. We were separated by 3-4 feet, must stay behind tape on the floor, masked at all times in a loud room. No one could hear anything. 1 hug at the beginning of the visit and 1 quick hug at the goodbye where the guys cant even get up to hug their families back. After 2 years away from family, this is what these patriots deserve? We traveled 18+ hours to see him. 
His spirits are high which is the most important part of this, seeing family really helped. 
Even the guys who don’t have family to come see them get visits by amazing people who come just to talk and support these men. We met a few this weekend and they are just amazing people who think of all J6 supporters as a big family. As evil as that city is, the supporters made it feel inviting. Hopefully it will not be another 2 years till the next visit. Taking time off of work, paying for travel, and expenses is hard and taking a toll on how often we can see him and the other men. 
Please keep these men in your prayers, they need it. God has a plan. 
-Chrestman family. 

Update #2
November 16, 2022
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Today being Billy’s 2nd birthday while in the DC Gulag, it makes today even harder then the others. His kids wants nothing more than to celebrate him, hug him, see him and more. It’s heart breaking knowing he is spending not just 1 but 2 birthdays locked in a cell with horrible, filthy conditions. This veteran deserves more. As well as all of the Jan. 6 political prisoners. 

With no idea of when this will come to an end, money is getting very low. Commissary prices have increased, as well as monthly bills. Tablet prices and messaging prices are outrageous, it costs so much just to keep contact with our loved ones. Any donation will help, and is so much appreciated. God Bless You. 

Chrestman Family 


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