Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

We are a small community of Orthodox nuns who are building a monastery. We began this daring project four years ago by restoring a long-neglected two hundred-year-old house, which had snakes and rats in the basement, bats and spiders in the attic, and a squirrel family occupying the main floor. 

Next, we built a barn for our alpacas, who are not only a source of joy, but also provide the warm, weather-resistant wool we use in our handiwork. 

Speaking of work, we do work very hard to make ends meet: we make incense, pure beeswax candles for both church use and souvenirs; we blend herbal teas; we make organic facial creams and healing ointments; we weave and sew. We grow vegetables for our table, and flowers for church and home decoration in our garden every summer, as well as our own healing herbs. 

But a monastery is first and foremost a place of prayer. We pray for each and every one, because the entire world is in need of prayer, whether it realizes it or not. 

A monastery is also about people. We plan to live as a self-sustainable community, but we need more nuns to be able to do so. Additional sisters will require additional space.

We have started to build an extension to our main house to provide additional rooms for sisters.  

However, at this point the project is in peril: winter is coming fast, and we are running out of money. 

Thus, we humbly ask for your help. We need to raise $200,000. In addition to completing the extension for new sisters, we will use this money to build the monastery store that we desperately need to be able to sell the products that we make and thus cover our living expenses.

Every donation counts, however small, and is received with our utmost gratitude. 

You can learn more about us by visiting our website:

Please help!