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We are facing the worst abuse and lie, the worst nightmare and the worst war in humanity's history. Consequently, this message cannot be brief neither soft nor pleasant.

I am Dr. Gaston Cornu Labat, a physician dedicated to Integrative Medicine (TX license R1940) and, as such, I must share with you a sad reality, an unpleasant piece of news: for these supranational powers who today manipulate and exploit us with their destructive globalist agendas of control and extermination, we are a human farm and, due to us not wanting to face our deficiencies, limitations, lacks and mistakes, due to us not wanting to own our inappropriate actions and not wanting to be responsible for our own lives, we have gifted away the control over ourselves, the freedom and rights inherent to us, and relinquished them to these deranged and sick supranational elites.

We are a human farm and, for quite some time now, for refusing to take charge of our lives, for refusing to face and revert our problems looking for and accepting comfortable and easy shortcuts by delegating our issues to others, for not daring to call things by their names and be “politically incorrect” when so we must be, for refusing to face our fears, for rejecting our betterment to walk towards mastery over ourselves, less indifferent and egocentric, more sincere and genuine, as a society, for these supranational elites, we have become a dumb mass easy to manipulate, control and exploit, exactly as in our past, legal and accepted by most, slaves were exploited. And today, more than ever, they are our masters and owners and, sadly, in this planetary pandemic theater, we have become their guinea pigs, their disposable lab rats. And I am not only referring to these nefarious experimental transgenic pseudo vaccines. I am also referring to the psychological games they are playing with us, perversely driving us insane with all sorts of disinformation campaigns and social engineering.

Today our society is as sick as these psychopaths in power. The physician who will not dare to write a prescription for these death shots to his patients, precisely because of cowardice will inoculate himself with exactly that which he does not dare to prescribe to others. Yet, he will dare to advice and recommend inoculation to his patients, friends, colleagues and even his own family. How nonsensical! How hypocritical! What a split from reality! How insane!

Our betraying governments, since at present they cannot “legally” force us to submit to these experimental inoculations, they do so underhandedly through deceit and disinformation and, indirectly, through these unconstitutional and violating work mandates and vaccine passports.

To fight these violating impositions, for months now, together with medical colleagues, attorneys, strategic consultants and scientists from around the world, I've been drafting a Medical Exemption Certificate against any kind of mandate to submit to these anticovid inoculations. Signed by me for each applicant, it has been designed to serve you if you are sick or if you are healthy. This model has been implemented in Argentina, my country of origin where a nationwide vaccine pass is in effect for daily life, and it is working like a charm. I have signed more than 1,600 exemptions there already. This exemption is ready in English to be implemented in the USA shortly.

We are providing this service for free and we offer this medico-legal model to all my colleagues for them to implement it for their patients and anyone requesting it. This certificate is more than a medical exemption. It is a legal document which also highlights for us the fact that, as people and citizens, we have rights that we can perfectly well exercise and defend.

This service, this tool is free and available to all. If you care to support our work with your contribution, you can donate here. Your financial support will allow us to continue in this fight, carrying it forward every day with more intensity and strength. Let us all shoulder each our part. Let us not give up; this war has just begun.

At present there are those who are saying this plandemic is coming to an end, it's playing itself out. Yet, while war is now playing out, others are already starting to announce that another pandemic is on its way and that this one will be much worse than the current one. And, to this end, these supranational powers with all their puppet governments are already signing binding international agreements under the excuse of “being adequately prepared to face new pandemic threats”. But what really is taking place, is the crafting of the further relinquishing of our freedom, sovereignty, autonomy, our personal, individual, natural, human and constitutional rights for the sake of “defending the interests of a common good, a general good, a global good”. This is what the 2020/2030 Agenda is about; imposing a new normality under the excuse of defending us from a global threat and enemy. This is what the imposition of this New World Order is about.

There is a solution to this whole mess. Understanding it can be easy; implementing it may be easy too.

How fast will we come out of this hole, of this trap, of this chaos? This will exclusively depend on how fast we awaken, on how we react, how we prepare ourselves to comprehend that this supranational enemy feeds on our own personal shortcomings and deficiencies. And, most unfortunately, as the dumbest in the universe, we have been systematically feeding them.

We must prepare ourselves; we must be intelligently and genuinely united. We must put together a grand orchestra where nothing can be missing and nothing can be extra. Everything must be in place, each with their own well-defined role and specialized in it; everything must function in synchrony and in tune. We must have good music sheets -action plans-, good directors for each piece, good stage with good acoustics and good sound and light systems. Together with these, we must have well-trained musicians -activists- and good and well-tuned instruments.

This is a monumental technical and psychological war. This war touches on all human affairs: geo and local politics, military, economics, social and communicational, psychological, religious and philosophical, legal and judicial, medical and scientific. Consequently, we must be fully aware that this is an activism that needs to be carried out by the public, the people in general, and by professionals in each area, all of whom must come together in an integrative and strategic union. All these are the elements which conform our grand orchestra of the resistance that will take us to salvation and success. Let us start schooling, training, practicing; let us form this grand orchestra and world activism which makes itself be heard and be noticed with tremendous impact and respect.

I invite you, we invite you to really work seriously on our salvation and in protecting our lives, our rights, our freedoms and, mainly, those of our children and generations to come. Let us save humanity from these sick supranational powers. Let us stop feeding them by feeding our defects. Let us start feeding our gifts and virtues. For the first time in history, let it be these delinquents the ones to starve in despair.

The solution is in our hands and in the awakening of our consciences. The Truth will set us free. Every tree is known by its own fruit. Let us be, then, the Best of Trees. Let us start giving the best of our fruit. Let us move into genuine, conscious and intelligent action. We need your valued participation; we need your valued help. Join us.

Consider spreading this message where, in this occasion, we are bringing forward a valuable and effective tool against these tyrannical mandates.

Activist medical colleagues, don't be shy! Being lukewarm only feeds these agendas of death. Be genuine, be brave, shout it! Lead by example! Be a true source of inspiration spreading security, strength and assertiveness.

Medical colleague in the conventional system, join our activism, be part of the solution, add to our raising of consciousness bringing this type of Exemption Certificates to the inoculation mandates. We share it for free with you also so that you can then do the same.

You can reach out to me about these Medical Exemptions via email at

God bless us all. Thank you


Application for Medical Exemptions to anti-COVID inoculation mandates ready to go.
June 3, 2022
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Thank you for your prayers and support.

Our website for Medical Exemption to anti-COVID inoculation mandates is ready. If you are interested in applying go to In this website you will find all the information necessary for you to proceed with your application.

With warmest regards

Dr. Gaston


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