Hello friends, recently I was served a copyright lawsuit over a tweet. A former Celcius employee who filmed a pornographic video is upset that I reported on what happened. This woman is abusing copyright law in order to manage her online reputation. It is unfortunate that she didn't contact me and ask me take the tweet down as I would have done so willingly. I also offered this solution as a settlement to the lawsuit, that I would take the tweet down if they simply drop the lawsuit, but for some reason they are pursuing this frivolous case.

I have retained council and they have assured me that we have a rock solid fair use case. Unfortunately litigation is expensive. My wife and I have spent the last couple of years saving every penny in the hopes of buying our first home together. This lawsuit now threatens to wipe us out.

If you know me, then you know I am a proud person and not the kind who enjoys asking others for help. I pray now that if you've ever found value in the content that I have provided over the last seven years that you could please make a contribution to defer the cost of this lawsuit. The amount of money that these things cost is actually insane but if many people pull together then I know my family can make it through this to the other side. Thank you so much for your support.