Humanitarian aid for Ukraine

Campaign Created by: Kateryna Borodavchenko

The funds from this campaign will be received by Kateryna Borodavchenko.

Goal : USD $5,000
Raised : USD $ 2,010

UPDATED: since Chernihiv was liberated, all funds are directed towards humanitarian aid for people who stayed there.

ORIGINAL: Dear friends, a lot of you asked how you can help people in Ukraine. This fundraiser is created for the evacuation effort and humanitarian aid for refugees in Ukraine. Particularly we have a church in Chernihiv that coordinates evacuation efforts from the city. As of right now they have only one personal minivan that fits 11 people. They prioritizing women and children. Today was their first trip. By God's grace they returned safely. There are so many woman and children that have no car and they are desperate to leave. Local church pastor who stayed back in Chernihiv is coordinating there on the ground these efforts and also they helping people with food. My friend told me that there are other brave man that willing to drive back and evacuate but as of today, they have only 1 car. They need money for gas, food and they hope and pray to find someone that would be willing to rent them a car, so they could bring more people out. If anyone is willing to participate - any amount is a big help. Please pray for God to protect those who are staying there to help the volnurable. Thank you!


Humanitarian aid for Chernihiv
April 19, 2022
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updateImage Currently, Chernihiv is liberated, now all efforts are directed towards humanitarian help for the civilians there and nearby villages.

Last week 171 more people were evacuated!
March 26, 2022
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In the last week, God blessed the team with a couple of bulletproof vests, and a couple more were purchased. It is very difficult to find bulletproof vests now in Ukraine, as you can imagine, so it is a real miracle!

As of right now. the team has 3 cars.  This week the team was able to bring out 171 more people. Though there is a setback - right now the only bridge that was connecting Chernihiv with the road to Kyiv was destroyed by russian troops. The only way that was there for civilians to leave the city was a pedestrian bridge. But as of 2 days ago, it was damaged as well. As of my last conversation with the team there, Chernihiv now is basically is encircled by russian army. The pastor of the church has stayed there with people. Please support us in the prayer for the Ukrainian army to push away the enemies so there would be a way to bring out civilians.

Currently, there are no electricity and cellphones in the city. The team purchased a generator, but because of the russian troops\' presence around the city, they couldn\'t bring it so far to the people there. And the only connection for humanitarian aid and food is blocked as of today. 

Since the team can\'t bring anyone out of Chernihiv today and they are just forced to wait for the opportunity to go back, they are going to bring humanitarian aid for the small city near the Poltava Oblast. 

Thank you for your support and your trust. Your prayers and support make a real impact and save lives. 

Trip on March 17: evacuated 70 people
March 18, 2022
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Thank you to everyone who is continuing to pray for safety and providing support here and through my personal Venmo & Zelle accounts. Thankfully, on the last trip, the team was able to use 6 cars and 70 people were evacuated. Since the situation there is increasingly dangerous, currently, we\'re looking and praying to find the bulletproof vests for the drivers. Your prayers for God\'s protection for the volunteers are needed and greatly appreciated. 


Trip on March 11: evacuated 20 adults and 21 children.
March 11, 2022
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Dear friends, from the bottom of our hearts we want to thank you for your generosity. We thank our Lord for the protection of our team there on the ground. On this trip, they were driving 4 cars, so on this trip alone, they evacuated to the safety 41 people (20 adults and 21 children - see added pictures). Your continued support and prayers are making these evacuation efforts possible. 

425+ saved lives and counting
March 8, 2022
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So far, the team completed 4 trips. Currently, more and more people are getting involved and they are landing their cars for evacuation. So, the number of cars varies on every trip. Some people give their car for 1 trip, some give for a longer period. On the last trip, they were able to bring out 80 people. The total number of evacuated people at this time is 425+

Currently, there are 200 women and children on the list for evacuation. The list is growing since it\'s getting worse and worse in the city.

People that teamed up for this evacuation effort are all from different churches. There are people from the church "Grace" ("Blagodat\') from Rivne, from "Father\'s home" ("Dim Otsya") from Chernihiv, from "First Baptist Church", "The Word of Life" ("Slovo Zhittya") in Boryspil and many others.

So far, they have a sufficient food supply.

Current needs: fuel, specialized medications. Prices increased dramatically for both. The cost to fill up 1 car is about $100.

Please continue to pray for drivers and other volunteers.


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