Hyver for Santa Cruz City Council 2022 District 4

Campaign Created by: Gregory Hyver

The funds from this campaign will be received by Hyver For City Council 2022.

Goal : USD $5,000
Raised : USD $ 2,420

Hyver for City Council 2022 - FPPC #1450065

“The States Members of the United Nations shall uphold the principle of

self-determination of all peoples and nations.”

UN General Assembly
The right of peoples and nations to self-determination
Charter of the United Nations, Article 1
16 December 1952

Candidate Statement

I’ve named my campaign “Think Different” for that is how I live my life. I try to view things from different angles, through broad experiences, by rising above the fray and looking down. Nonpartisanship gives me better clarity of my world—of Santa Cruz—of its challenges and solutions. Our number one problem here isn’t housing, crime, health, drugs, poverty, cost-of-living, jobs, education, traffic, water, energy, or others. It’s a lack of pluralism. Too many voices are being left out of the dialogue. It’s one-sided and static. There is no free market of ideas, so problems fester. Individualism is losing out to Groupthink. Our participation ends at the ballot box where we relinquish our choices to politicians and special interests.

I want to re-empower individuals by transforming local government to give each resident: (1) an equal voice in our district's vision, (2) greater freedom of choice and (3) greater access to the levers of power to shape our district. To do so, I will leverage my strengths in software development, business development, marketing, management, startups, fundraising, education, free speech rights and political history. UC Berkeley (BA, Applied Math); Santa Clara University (MBA).

Join me on this amazing journey!

About Us

The Nonpartisan Movement is a small, Santa Cruz-based watchdog group and think tank with a mission to save Liberalism, an ideology founded on Individualism that has been under siege and distorted for decades. We believe that the Santa Cruz Liberal community has lost its compass in regards to the ultimate purpose of Liberalism: to protect individual rights and freedom of choice from government incursions. Each day, we hand over more power of choice to an over-reaching government to make our choices for us in the name of the Public Good (Collectivism). Individualism (Liberalism) and Collectivism (Government) are the antitheses of one another and in constant tug-of-war over the power of choice. Political parties (Government) are NOT the protectors of Liberalism, by definition (and despite the illusion), but her antagonists. Our movement will propose a solution to these growing encroachments into our individual freedoms of choice in pursuit of restoring greater "power to the people"—a paradigm shift in local government that re-balances the power equation that has long been tilting in government’s favor since the 1960’s. Cast your district in your image, not theirs. Push back against city hall through Nonpartisanship and Direct Democracy. Learn more about how we will rapidly spread Direct Democracy "nodes" across the United States and worldwide by leveraging advanced technology solutions to decentralize decision-making power and to redistribute it back into the hands of the individual to advance individual rights and freedom of choice to all people . Visit our campaign website to learn more.

Donate to Our Campaign

Santa Cruz, California, will be ground zero for this new movement, but our campaign needs your help to spread the word among our community to elect our candidate. Please consider a political donation of $1 - $400 to our campaign committee, "Hyver for City Council 2022," to help us preserve and advance individual rights and freedom of choice in Santa Cruz, throughout America, and across the globe.

Thank you for your support.

Greg Hyver

The Direct Democracy Candidate (2022)

Santa Cruz City Council - District 4



Update #2 - We've Hit the $2000 Mark
September 6, 2022
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Uncork those champagne bottles! Our campaign has just gone over $2000 in donations toward meeting our goal of $5000. The $2000 plateau will allow us to send out our postcard mailer to hit mailboxes on October 1, about a week before the mass mail-in ballots arrive. We'd love to send out a second postcard mailer just before the November 8th election, as well, as most of the well-funded campaigns will do. This is why we'll continue our fundraising efforts. Please tell your friends and family about how we are trying to give back greater individual freedoms to the Santa Cruz community and how we will spread our movement to other California cities and states if we achieve victory. Only two months to go before the November 8th elections, so we urgently need more folks to consider donating to help us reach more District 4 voters with our message. Thank you so much to all of you for your show of support. Sincerely, Greg Hyver

Update #1 - Over $1000 In Campaign Donations So Far!
August 18, 2022
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I just wanted to thank everyone who has support my campaign through their donation. In two weeks, we have already received over $1000 that will allow us to begin designing our postcard mailer that we hope to send to prospective voters in Santa Cruz District 4 around the time mail-in voter ballot arrive on October 11th. Postage alone on these bulk mailers is almost $2000, which is why we continue our fundraising efforts and hope to hit our goal of $5000 around this same time next month. So, please tell your friends about our website and donation link.

We're proposing a new way of thinking about local government that gives the people back their voices and their freedom of choice to build their communities in their own image and not in the image of the national political parties and their special interest collaborators.

Thanks, again, to you all.



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