We are raising funds so we can start building more housing for victims of human trafficking. Right now there are no safe havens for them to go to. We do not work with Child Protective Services because 89% of children who are being trafficked come out of CPS. The housing we do have is currently full. We need to be able to purchase homes, pay for trauma therapist, pay for medical care, food, hygiene products, clothes, shoes, bedding, beds, and so much more. We need to be able to keep staff paid and taken care of us well.  

 We are NOT a non profit so we can ensure that our children do not get sold back into CPS or sold back into the sex slave industry. We strive to place the children stolen back with their parents who they were stolen from in the first place. If we cannot find their family, or they were born into the sex slave industry we find loving adoptive homes for them to go. 

We have not raised money for this cause until now. We see other people raising millions for other causes but we cannot even raise $50k to go towards taking care of this children who have had their innocence stolen. 

We are praying and hoping our fundraising efforts do not get shut down by the globalist and the elites!