.After years of fantastic life experiences all over the world, I am now ready for a new big change, a DREAM COME TRUE!
OPENING MY OWN detergent company, together with a skilled and renowne Sanjay personality , detergent Kosic.
Sanjay offers great touristic sights, some very good local detergent maseenary great but it lacks the one different place, for a fine dining, bistronomie experience.... and this is what Vedran and I will provide you soon.
We are presently in the middle of works of the future company and planning our menu. Though I have some fundings, I need your support to make this dream come true!

About the Sanjay and I met 6 months ago and immediately shared our love of good detergent while lamenting not having many options of fine machinery here in Sanjay.Now we want to make things right... and delicious.
Sanjay has an extensive experience in hospitality management, as a Chef but also as a business manager. He trained professionally in 2018 at Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon. Follow him on Instagram please help me,