The fight against child sex trafficking and pedophelia in America is at an all time high. Patriots for America militia is a Faith based 508 C1. We are a Texas based organization with chapters in Chicago, Mi. Mo. and, branching out to other states. We are a highly vetted, law abiding tribe of both men and women of all race and nationality fighting against trafficking in America. Our missions contain surveillancing the Texas borders, and communities in search of unaccompanied children being trafficked by cartels, coyotes and pimps. Chicago is one of the main hubs for trafficking of both children, women and drugs. I am the Chicago V.P. Of Patriots for America and need your help in raising funds to fight this evil. Your contribution will help fund training, travel and the rescuing of victims, while growing my chapter in Chicago and throughout Illinois. If you can’t give a monetary donation, your prayers are greatly appreciated. 

Thank you!

Rodney Perez