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  As most of you know I just finished a Discipleship training school in March! It was a season marked by immense growth in my relationship with the Lord and community. God did incredible things in the nations and in my heart. I’m forever changed and I’m so grateful!
  As a part of my training I got to tour college campuses across the Northeast sharing the love of Jesus. We got to see 717 students in just 5 weeks across our 9 teams give their lives to Jesus and so many more forever marked by his love. I'm truly in awe in what God is doing on campuses and the revival he's started in young people's hearts.
  I also had the opportunity to meet with Models for Christ while I was touring campuses in New York. They’re a ministry focused on bringing light into a dark industry. As a part of my mission work I will be partnering with Models for Christ. This will allow me to connect with girls who may not know the truth about who God has called them to be. I know how unfulfilling the modeling industry can be if you put your identity into it. I got to see so many girls on college campuses stepping into what God has called them to and seeing their lives changed forever and I would love to bring that into the modeling industry as well.
  My heart has been so stirred for ministry and for people coming to know how tangible their creator is! I know God is calling me into another season of growing in leadership and even deeper in my relationship him. I couldn’t be more excited for the future! I’m praying God will connect me with people who want to partner with furthering the kingdom and partner with the dreams he’s put within me!
  I’m reaching out to you because I need to raise monthly support for transportation, food, training, practicals, and prayer! I would be forever grateful for any amount of monthly support that you would be willing to help me with. With your support you would allow me to continue what God has started in me and what I know he wants to start in many others. Please join me in prayer in how you can monthly support me. Everything helps! If you’d like updates on what God’s doing or have any questions shoot me an email to allie.feighner@gmail.com


Update #2
August 6, 2018
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  21 Project is over! As sad as I am to see this season come to a close, I’m just that more excited for the season God equipped me for. This leadership training surpassed all my expectations. Not only did I make life long family but God gave me crazy vision for my future that I’d love to share with you one to one. Not quite ready to post it, but I can tell you about how he’s been growing me!
  I think jumping into full time ministry may seem easy or fun and even though it is very fun it’s the most stretching thing I’ve ever done. It’s allowing me to have complete dependence on the Lord and his plans for me. It’s teaching me to walk in daily faith, stripping comfortability in anything but Jesus. And even though it’s challenging, I’m seeing so much fruit from my obedience everyday!
  Story time! I was with a group of friends spending time at the beach, just hanging out after dinner and we ran into a man doing security on that same beach. Long story short, we got to share the gospel with him and lead him to the lord! Almost immediately after that we started talking to a group of guys. One of the guys had a sprained wrist and was in a lot of pain. We prayed for his wrist and he was immediately healed by Jesus! He was shocked to say the least. We got to pray as a big group in the middle of the beach (a runner also joined us, it was awesome) and the guys we just met exchanged numbers with the guys I was with, and have been in contact with them about joining a night worship service! 
  I’ve also gotten the opportunity to talk to so many girls just walking around. Just getting to speak truth into their lives and pray with them. I met two girls who were both atheist but God highlighted them to me so I shared the gospel with them. I shared the love of Jesus, and about how misrepresented Jesus is in our generation and that he wants a relationship with them. I prayed Jesus would reveal himself to them. A week later I asked this girl where she got her smoothie without realizing it was the same girl! She freaked out and screamed to her friends “It’s the Jesus girl!” Greatest title ever. I got to talk to her friends and told them it wasn’t a coincidence that I ran into them yet again! It’s never easy to step out but always worth it. 
  I’ve been growing in being moved by the heart of God and loving everybody around me. That’s my purpose and my calling will follow. People can deny Jesus but I never want people to be able to deny how I live my life. As I see the need of how many people are lost, all insecurities fall. Money, Stepping out, whatever it is doesn’t matter if it means somebody is seeing a glimpse of Jesus. We have no time to focus on our frailty or lack. He gives us strength when we’re weak. I love living in simple obedience and seeing Jesus use my yes.
  I will be continuing with Circuit Riders in hopes of reaching so many people with love and truth! I’m still in need of financial support to continue the call I feel God has placed on my life. If you’d like to partner with what I’m doing and are interested in helping me financially it’s very needed and appreciated! Thank you for your prayers, love, and support!

August 2, 2018
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UPDATE: I leave for 21 project on Saturday!!!!! 21 project is a leadership training in California through Circuit Riders; a YWAM ministry focused on college campuses. I was fortunate enough to tour throughout the Northeast with Circuit Riders earlier this year and I’m so excited to be part of this amazing ministry again. While with Circuit Riders I got to witness hundreds of lives changed through the love of Jesus! I love what God is doing through YWAM! It has changed my life and redirected my steps in a major way. His plans are awesome! He is calling me to be a full time missionary and I am trusting that he is going to put the right people in my life who support the vision he’s put inside of me! I sent out a more in-depth update but it’s been brworkingought to my attention that the link wasn’t  so I’ll post it again below. This journey is very humbling and is giving me the opportunity to trust the Lord with my finances which isn’t always easy! Since this is where I feel the Lord is calling me long term I’ve been praying about reaching out for monthly support/monthly tithe and asking people to join me in prayer to see if this is something the Lord is calling you to do, OR a one time donation to help with my summer trainings. If you’re unable to give financially I’m asking that you would be praying with me for finances and guidance on exactly what God is wanting to do in and through me! I can’t wait to see what God wants to do!


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