My name is Janiece, but everyone calls me Jan (or some fun variation of that). I'm an easy going, kindhearted, and gentle person who has a dream of giving back to people in need. Camping/Hiking apparel has always been a massive dream of mine. I thought I would combine both of my passions and create a brand that cultivates kindness by giving back to the community, while also looking pretty outdoorsy.

I am a small town girl who grew up in the Peace Country, and moved to Calgary, AB on whim and met my wonderful husband-to-be, Adam. We decided to pursue this dream because we find ourselves giving beyond our means from time to time, and we are also avid campers and adventurers- so we decided to throw together the best of both worlds, and create a brand that represents who we are. 

We would love to expand into bigger and greater things in the future, but for the time being we are focusing on online sales and creating a community of kind people who have the heart to help the community with  us.