People ask me Thomas what are you building, I look back and say, "you know what, I’m not quite sure what I'm building; But I’ll keep pivoting until it's so clear you can see it from the moon."

 Junkeybar is a delicious cake fusion, combining the gooey softness of a chocolate brownie and the crunchiness of a cookie. A pinch of Fleur de Sel de Guérande sea salt provides the perfect finishing touch. Addictively-delicious, this dessert is impossible to resist. 

The Junkeybar serves two purposes;

1) It cures the cravings to use of alcoholics and addicts suffering from their addictions by replacing drastically depleted levels of dopamine, while;

2) Reaching Out And Responding (ROARing) to help the lonely and fallen, providing them with professional detoxification and treatment opportunities.

Purpose Driven Company

I’m not just telling you a story, I am this story. The only way I was going to change is when the fear of change was surpassed by my pain. I was admitted to professional detox last year and professional treatment for alcoholism. Immediately I determined, (MAT) Medically Assisted Treatment was not working, whatsoever. Rather my craving level was at its highest peak under (MAT). After days of painful acute withdrawal symptoms, I took some bites of comfort food which were offered to me consisting of chocolate chip cookies and brownies. Remarkably, I began to feel somewhat revived. My intense shaking and bodily dysfunction seemed to normalize after eating the treats. I conducted some research, and I discovered the University Bordeaux completed a study concluding it is a scientific fact that chocolate chip cookies are as addictive as cocaine. For example, suppose your “go-to” comfort food is homemade double chocolate chip cookies. Your brain may increase dopamine when you smell them baking or see them come out of the oven. When you eat them, the flood of dopamine acts to reinforce this craving and focus on satisfying it in the future. It’s a cycle of motivation, reward, and reinforcement. This explains my relief and cure from the cravings and acute withdrawal symptoms however, I did not understand why.

That was until the following day during addictions counseling, I watched a video from the HMA Institute on Addiction explaining there are three things a human being needs to survive; Food, water, and dopamine. The HMA video went on to demonstrate how dopamine levels surge to extreme levels during active addiction then deplete drastically almost immediately after your last drink or drug. This explains why the chocolate chip-brownie combination cured my cravings as well as my painful acute withdrawal symptoms. Scientifically proven, by replacing drastically depleted levels of dopamine where the Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) had failed.

After hearing my Idea for the Junkeybar, my treatment specialist and mentor Tony G said “You're going to be a Giant”. I did not realize what Tony G meant that day, I know now. Tony practices what I coined MRT Motivational Recovery Treatment by uniting professional treatment solutions with motivation. I was in a dark place, Tony G made an impact in my life promising me:

    “I can’t light your candle for you, I only hope I can keep my candle lit long enough for you to light your own.” My candle has been lit, I only hope I can keep my candle lit long enough for you to light yours. Thomas Cunningham

My prayer for you: Delight yourself in the lord, yes and find your joy in him. Be known for your gentleness and never forget the nearness of our God. And don’t worry, whatever is going to come. Just tell God every detail and the peace of God that no one understands will come to you. No don’t worry, just tell him every detail and his peace will come to you.