My name is Jacob Perez,

I am a former Marine and currently stay at home father homeschooling our five-year-old son. Between my occasional hard work and Gods guidance we have been blessed with a pontoon boat. My goal is to put that boat to work by helping needy children see that hope exists. The mission is to offer fishing trips, Junior Captains Classes, tours and water cleanup events to children that sometimes are forgotten. The classes and events are offered but not limited to local children's homes, foster care homes and charter schools.

I want to share with you a piece of my past to give context as to why I am creating this project. From Afghanistan to the streets of Atlanta and even out in rural America I witnessed how children get caught up in man's evil deeds are discarded, passed off, oppressed and even conspired against because they are troublesome. Most of these kids do not know what hope is; to them hope is not real, a deceptive carrot that only leads to more pain. Throughout my time as a police officer I worked on patrol, the courthouse and as a school resource officer. On patrol I observed how these kids got processed into the system and of course, had to process them myself. In the court room I witnessed how their lives get managed by bureaucrats (with mixed results). Please understand that there are some great people that operate within these systems and do great things.

In a lot of ways these children are downtrodden and are not given the time of day, a lot of them need a good father, mother or both. They rarely have good guidance and replace God with anything that may make them feel good or powerful. I am asking for your financial support and more importantly your prayers to help bring these forgotten children closer to God. To give them a glimpse of hope and learn how to replace the false sense of man's power with the real miracle of God's grace. For those who do not believe in God I have no resentment. I only say that society has lost its moral compass and my intent is to present moral guidance that may point them in a better direction than our current systems.