A group of Moore County, NC citizens are seeking to found a public charter school of choice based on the tried and true principles of traditional K-12 education.

The focus will be on a proven classical curriculum, solid classroom instruction, and a school culture steeped in kindness, integrity, and respect. The team will collaborate with local parents, community leaders, and policymakers in launching the school.​

The school will be a NC public charter school, meaning there is no tuition. Charter school admission is random, and there is no discrimination in admissions. 

As we begin, there are many items to be paid and we seek donations until we can hold fund-raisers. Several on the committee are paying for items on their own, but community contributions are also being sought. Money is needed for start-up costs and to put toward the physical building. Public charter schools must provide their own physical structure, it is not paid for as traditional schools are through local bond referendums.