A group of Moore County, NC citizens are seeking to found a public charter school of choice based on the tried and true principles of traditional K-12 education. HCA is

MISSION: Highlands Charter Academy will cultivate lifelong intellectual curiosity in its students through a traditional, content-rich classical education that emphasizes virtuous living, moral character, and civic responsibility, equipping students to live well-ordered lives.

The focus will be on a proven classical curriculum, solid classroom instruction, and a school culture steeped in kindness, integrity, and respect. The team will collaborate with local parents, community leaders, and policymakers in launching the school.​

The school will be a NC public charter school, meaning there is no tuition. Charter school admission is random, and there is no discrimination in admissions. 

Public charter schools must secure facilities and pay start-up costs on their own. As we begin HCA, there are many items to be paid and we are seeking donations until we can hold fund-raisers.