On October 14th, 2022 Pittsburgh pro-life leader Herb Geraghty was indicted and charged with violating the FACE Act in connection with a nonviolent pro-life direct action that occurred in 2020 in Washington DC.

This comes as part of an aggressive campaign from the Biden administration's Department of Justice under Merrick Garland to target peaceful pro-life activists. So far, at least 22 anti-abortion activists have been charged with the FACE Act this year. This is even more shocking because there have been no arrests or charges brought against any of the individuals who firebombed, vandalized, and otherwise attacked pro-life churches and pregnancy centers this summer.

If convicted, Herb and the other defendants (Lauren Handy, Jonathan Darnel, Jay Smith, Paulette Harlow, Jean Marshall, John Hinshaw, Heather Idoni, William Goodman, and Joan Bell) each face up to 11 years in prison, three years of supervised release, and a fine of up to $260,000. 

Herb is currently working to secure legal representation in this case. Money donated will help Herb travel to court dates and other costs that arise before the trial. 

Herb's initial statement after the indictment read:

"This past weekend I learned I was indicted on charges related to nonviolent pro-life advocacy. Thanks to everyone who reached out. I am doing alright.

Much has already been said about the unjust and political nature of the recent arrests and charges brought against myself and other pro-life activists and leaders. It is clear that the Biden administration intends to use the DOJ as a weapon against political dissidents. Thank you to those who are speaking up in our defense and calling for justice.

However, as you do that please never lose sight of the fact that no matter what the state does to me or the other defendants — it will never compare to what they allow abortionists to do to children. The unborn babies still being killed every day in this country, despite the Dobbs decision, are the real victims. These children do not even get a trial before they are put to death. As you pray and demand justice for us, do NOT stop working for justice for them.

If convicted, I am facing up to 11 years in federal prison. That is obviously terrifying. However, 11 years is nothing compared to having your life snuffed out before you are even old enough to take your first steps or speak your first words.

Solidarity forever with nonviolent political prisoners and targets of the state. Solidarity forever with the unborn victims of state sanctioned violence. ☮️❤️"

Herb is a pro-life hero. Please give to support
 Herb in this critical fight against the corrupt government and abortion industrial complex.