Our group is comprised of courageous individuals: mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, all of whom chose at great personal cost to not submit to the unprecedented hysteria and outright lies and concerted manipulation directed toward them by both the federal government and perhaps more tragically, their employers Qantas and Jetstar. Despite years of loyal and dedicated service to these entities, they chose to totally ignore our fundamental concerns centred around the safety and efficacy of the MRNA ‘therapy’ and furthermore decided to deal a gut-punch to us by terminating our employment, effectively discarding us with total indifference.

The reasoning for not complying with the arbitrary demands of our employers were and remain varied, but above all valid. Some had concerns about the lack of long term testing of the vaccine and requested more data, other individuals had been advised by their personal physicians to abstain from receiving the experimental drug based upon pre-existing coronary conditions, while others declined the ‘vaccination’ out of personal religious conviction. Regardless of the reasoning, all of us were left feeling wholly abandoned by our employers as the realization that we were considered an expendable nuisance quickly began to take hold in both our hearts and minds.

We know that the jabs have never stopped transmission, conferred immunity, stopped hospitalisation or deaths.

The basis of their claims to protect others is and was never there. The Australian Department of Health denied their request to issue an industry mandate, but Qantas/Jetstar maintained their position and sacked loyal hardworking Australians opting to purge their workforce and deny them opportunities in the future.

Loyalty has no bounds with Qantas/Jetstar and the hiring of inexperienced staff has made a considerable impact on the reputation of a once iconic brand.

The completely unprecedented and cowardly actions and inactions of our employers have left us with no recourse other than to demand they finally be held accountable for their willful ignorance and disingenuous treatment of their once valued employees.

At a time when Qantas reports some of their highest returns, we intend that they be held accountable for this travesty that has allowed them to profit from the misery they have inflicted upon us for the simple ‘crime’ of following our intuition and exercising our human rights.

The Australian public has the right to know what has been done to us, if for no other reason that such egregious measures are never again foisted upon an unwilling populace by an overreaching employer hellbent on securing profit at the detriment of its members and society generally. Qantas has long purported to be “the spirit of Australia“, yet since the beginning of this entire fiasco, they have acted and operated in a decidedly un-Australian fashion and have in no way demonstrated the spirit they claim to embody.

As we approach the daunting prospect of heading to Federal court to have this matter heard, we call on you our fellow Australians to stand with us now and support us by making a donation to the cause as so far, we have been forced to fund all legal costs out of our own pockets. We kindly need your help

The dignity, freedom and rights of all Australians have been trampled upon, help us send a clear message that such overreach will never be tolerated by us or indeed any Australian ever again.

Thank you