Help Trish's Medical Costs

Campaign Created by: Karen Schnugh

The funds from this campaign will be received by Karen Schnugh.

Goal: ZAR R150,000
Raised: ZAR R 47,291

My lovely Mother, Trish, has recently been diagnosed with brain cancer - a tumour. She has been such a pillar in our Christian community, of quiet, godly support and love. Naturally, it was a great shock to us, as the first thing we knew about this was that she had a seizure. That was almost the first time we realised something was amiss, although she had been very ill and slept a lot since the beginning of the year. 

Please note: we aren't sure as yet how urgently the funds will be needed. It might be within one month; it might be  a little longer. However, we realised that we needed to bring the prayer request and financial needs to the fore now - that is the wisest option we have in this moment.  As yet, we don't know how far the cancer has spread, or if the brain tumour is primary or secondary. She is being treated by a government hospital here in South Africa, which although not entirely the cleanest nor the newest, still gives good treatment. The doctors are excellent. 

We would like some assistance to give her the care she will need if she gets weaker or needs intense therapy on a daily basis. The government isn't really able to provide that in our country. We would also like to give her the ability to buy the extra meds that she can't get at the government hospital, or special food for her, as she can eat so little. (She has other medical conditions, which we'd rather not go into here.) 

Mom has been a great support to her children and others, and we'd like to help her as much as we can. 

This is why we want to raise funds for her:

- She may at some stage need intensive daily help - in a rehab centre or frail care. Or perhaps even at home, with carers coming to her, and a cleaner to help clean the house. She doesn't have any medical aid or medical insurance, and has a tiny pension. So it would be lovely to help her in this way. 

I look after her and take her to various hospital appointments, shopping and the like. Although she's not shopping at the moment. However, I work full time and it's become tricky to look after her and my disabled brother and work full time. 

So, we would humbly appreciate the help.

I aim to raise about R146 000 in total, or approximately US$7 740: NZ $12 731: AUD $11 762; GBP 6149. 
At R25 000 per month, it will take 5 - 7 months to raise those funds, or less if we are able to do so in that time.
How have I calculated all this?
R20 000 for 5 months home or hospice care or rehab = R100 000 (USD $5336)  
R25 000 for one year for home help (cleaning) (USD $1 321)
R1000 per month for special food and medicines that we would be otherwise unable to give her. Such as gluten-free bread and alternative medicines to supplement whatever treatment she needs - for 8 months - R8000 - or USD$ 423, or GBP337 in total. 
R1000 per month for 7 months for extra petrol to get to the hospital every day. I need to take her a fresh change of clothes, and 3 meals per day when she needs to stay in hospital, as the hospital food is something that people tend to react badly to. She also has a special-needs diet, so I have to cook everything fresh, or try and find something interesting to leave with her. 
Added to that is the R5180 that I need to raise for the various fees and voluntary donation to Givesendgo. That totals R146000, and to round it off, it will be R150 000

Please note: For South Africans, it is fine to give to Givesendgo, as they don't demand any fees. I am giving them 1% of what I am able to raise voluntarily. Then there will be the transfer fees to my account of 2.7%. So, about R5180 of the money will go to the payment processor and Givesendgo. 

PS If we don't need any of items listed above, the money will go to house repairs and some other health needs of my Mom's.


Funds for January nearly reached
January 19, 2024
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Dear everyone

We've now received R19 750 out of the month's R25 000 target. Amazing, isn't it? 

It's such a relief. Generosity isn't just about money, but money occasionally helps. 

Blessing to you

Karen, Elaine, Russell, Liesl and Christopher, and Trish

What have we used the funds for?
January 19, 2024
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Hello everyone. 

It's been such a blessing to have you join us on this journey of my Mom's healing and treatment. 

In case you were wondering, we've used Mom's funds to put aside for a carer, to buy extra food for her, to buy some medicines, and for petrol. Oh, and we have, most importantly, paid for househelp for her - twice a week. 

It has been such a relief for me. 

Take care now. 

Update End of Dec 2023
December 18, 2023
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We have been given just over R25000 - this month's total is complete. Now we only have 6 and 1/2 months to go!!  Or less if we can bring it in faster. 

We have over R20 000 now
December 5, 2023
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We now have over R20 000. Only about R130 000 to go!! 

Received R2250 donation already!
December 4, 2023
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Such encouraging news! We've received two donations - one online, and the other offline. R2250 in total. The donation of R2000 was really generous. The total amount we need now is now R17 750 for this month, and then only 5 1/2 months to go!!


  • Please pray that the entire process of Mom getting a tumour and going through the treatment process would give God glory
  • Please pray that Trish would rapidly get treatment. It has been severely delayed, and she has slipped through the cracks