The Hair Diva Needs Help! Breast Cancer

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Goal: USD $50,000
Raised: USD $ 15,970

On February 5th 2023, my wife Gretchen got the worst news a woman could ever hear.  She was diagnosed with Stage Two Invasive Breast Cancer.  We are now in the process of lining up any and every medical option that we have open to us.  Unfortunately, her health insurance will not be enough to insure top quality care, hence our request for help.

Gretchen is a vivacious and loving woman, hard working, a Grandmother of two, and a well renowned hair and makeup stylist for the past 30 years known professionally as "The Hair Diva."  She's been very active in the local community as a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pirate Crew, to donating her time and skills to assisting less fortunate women who need makeovers for job interviews and the like.  

Gretchen literally saved my life at the darkest point of it.  I don't know what more I can do than ask that you assist if you can.  The health insurance industry, being what it is now, we were unable to afford a quality health plan.  Me being a Medically Retired combat veteran, I'm covered by the VA, but not at a percentage that I can get her any help.

Times being what they are, if you can help, then we would be forever grateful.  If you can pray for us, we welcome that as well, as the Power of Prayer has been known to work miracles.

Again, Thank You for your time, and Kind Support


Update #2 Interesting Demonetization
February 18, 2024
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Hey Everyone!
Gretchen is doing fine, albeit a bit nervous regarding the upcoming treatments.  I mean hey, having been there myself a few years back (lung cancer, I beat it.  Yay me.) I completely understand where she's coming from.  We really appreciate the prayers and donations from each and every one of you.

The title of this is more of a interesting side note.  A lot of you know I'm a blogger with a pretty large audience.  When we first found out about this nightmare, I started doing ALL the research I could... alternative medicine, voodoo, witchcraft and whatever... nah... I joke, I joke...  Seriously though....

In reality, I settled on some 'stuff' that a LOT of people suggested on my blog in response to the announcement.  I got all of what I deemed appropriate for her, none of which could really harm her.  Everything She's getting now is over-the-counter... most of which are LOTS of vitamins and some of these treatments that got the 'short shrift' during the Kung Flu.  Ivermectin, Fenbendazole and a few others...  I wrote about this on the blog, and Lo and Behold!

A couple of day later I get an email...
The Goolag demonetized my ad revenue on those particular pages.

Told me I needed to "correct" the information I was talking about, or the $$$ for those particular pages would be shut off....  No biggie really as it's only $2 or $3 that I'd earn on those pages.  Not worrying about the $$$ on that, as its really not a LOT of $$$ that I make through the monetization.  What I found highly interesting was the reason. 

"Inappropriate Content" 

So in my eyes, this means that doing and talking about -anything- outside of "The Science" (also known as "the standard cancer protocols") is considered "inappropriate"

You know, Orwell wrote 1984 as a warning.
NOT as an Instruction Manual.
Jes' Sayin'

Hopefully in the next week or two we'll know more on what's going on, timeframe wise for treatment.
Again, you have all our Thanks and Love.  
Billy and Gretchen

Update #1 A Thank You From Gretchen
February 15, 2024
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Dear all of you who've supported me:

I am NOT the writer in our family. So please be patient with me.

 These last couple weeks have been heart wrenching to say the least. However with all the kind words prayers and so many donations you have made things a little better. I'm feeling very positive about treatment and ready to do battle with this invasion of my body. I've been trained by my husband in the art of battle. Now there is nothing to do now but to engage the enemies.

Thank you all so much. I am humbled again by your generosity. Please don't give up on us. I haven't yet begun to fight. 
Love Gretchen


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