A family of friends with 4 children have lost the ability to pay their mortgage debt due to the crumbling economy in their country. If they are unable to make payments, they risk losing their home and still remain deeply in debt. 

Sasha & Yulia have been paying for their apartment for 15 years already. If things were as they were supposed to be, they'd have 15 more years of payments. Their monthly payment is listed in US dollars, while an actual payment is made in local currency. However, because of the recent events and the local currency collapse (and it's not the first one since they started paying their mortgage), their monthly payment has tripled to what they initially paid. 

Sasha is the only provider in the family. Sasha and Yulia are Christian evangelical believers, they are parents to 4 children, the youngest of them is 4 years old. 

We are raising 50,000 dollars to help the family pay the mortgage in full and be safe from any future currency fluctuations. You have probably received this link from somebody who knows Sasha & Yulia personally or from their close friend. We are very thankful for your support and we really hope and pray that the normal order of things is restored in some foreseeable future.