Help Konstantin receive proper medical care

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Goal: USD $7,000
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My nephew Konstantin and his parents live in Russia. Konstantin was born with large cysts on both sides of his brain. He was referred to a neurologist and they said that they would just have to wait and see.

Konstantin was slow to learn to walk and was slower than his peers to learn to talk. His parents, Nick and Julia visited several neurologists and each time were met with different diagnoses. Eventually Konstantin developed tremors in his hands but for some reason his doctors were not alarmed. My brother and his wife sought out the best neurologist they could find and he said that he cannot make a correct diagnosis without a head scan. To get a MRI scan you have to lay very still. My nephew will be turning 4 years old soon and he is terrified of the machine and cannot stay still. Russian doctors do not offer sedation to small kids to complete scans. Without any other options they took a wait and see approach.

Recently he has developed a severe body tremor that occurs after he does anything physically demanding like running. That scared Nick and Julia. Without a head scan it is impossible to determine whether his cysts are growing and starting to press on his brain or something else is going on. His parents are terrified because the symptoms are getting worse.

My nephew Konstantin is almost 4 years old. Instead of being able to run and play with his friends freely his parents have to limit his play and activities out of fear that his tremors might lead to something worse.

Nick and Julia have made a difficult decision to try and seek medical help in the United States because they can't get the proper care in their home country. They are afraid that if they wait too long that it might lead to irreversible damage. We have found a pediatric neurologist here in Utah who agreed to see Konstantin and a place where he can get a brain scan while sedated.

Both places provided a cost estimate. Several specialist appointments with tests and MRI scan with contrast and sedation came to about $7000. Nick and Julia will be spending most of their savings on traveling to another country to get visas to United States, then buying their tickets to fly here.

If you are able to donate please do so. Every little bit will help. If you are unable to donate please share this link on your social media so more people can see it.

Thank you all so much and God Bless!


Update #1 We have a date!
July 9, 2022
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Some great news! After many weeks of uncertainty and some devastating news my brother and his family were able to obtain a visa to the United States! They have their tickets for August and their first doctor's appointment is set for August 22nd. We are praying that they will be able to travel here safely without any complications. Thanks to everyone who is donated so far, we greatly appreciate your help! 


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