EDIT 3/25/2019:
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My name is Lonny Buinis and I have been a computer and astronomical educator for all of my professional life, 43 years. In 2016, I had had the privilege of having a working research astronomical observatory named in my honor. I am well-known and credentialed.

I need you to help me to help David Rosler and give a donation to his Christian Motion Picture Studio.

I have known David Rosler for almost 40 years and he has been one of my very closest friends for all that time - we speak at length several times every week. I absolutely attest to his professionalism, character and sincerity in the strongest terms. He is also perhaps the most talented motion picture artist I have ever heard of.  As a Christian, David feels called upon to follow his faith, and has given up his mainstream career to establish the David Rosler Christian Motion Picture Studio, thus earning  the condemnation of the mainstream media community that was once his singular source of personal and investment income.

But  genuinely evil people have been maliciously thwarting the studio's development in the hope that they can silence a powerful Christian voice who is determined to bring our culture - and the world - more firmly back to God and the values of a decent society. No start-up motion picture business can succeed - or even survive - without Facebook and Twitter to spread awareness for donations and solicit investments. David and any references to the studio are now proven to be one-hundred-percent censored in real time by operators inside Facebook and Twitter, so greatly do apparent evil anarchists fear the idea of David's success in bringing younger audiences back to God. Dave's studio is now facing severe financial hardship because no startup business can grow without social media awareness.  He needs your help. Help  me to help the David Rosler Christian Motion Picture Studio.

Please watch the video David has prepared and donate as generously as you can. I know how passionately determined David can be in achieving goals for humanity. You will make a difference to better the world.