On January 22, 2024, we learned that our beloved father, Dan, was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer that has since spread to his bones. Unfortunately, the cancer is aggressively spreading, so surgery isn’t an option. Dan must undergo chemo and intense hormone therapy.

While we trust the doctors and medical practices in the United States will help shrink the tumors, we need reassurance that our father’s body will be completely free of cancer. Dan and his wife, Kathy, have done extensive research on Hope4Cancer Treatment Center in Mexico.

Hope4Cancer has cured cancer without using the chemicals found in chemotherapy. Since this treatment center is located outside of the United States, they do not accept medical insurance.

We reach out with humble hearts to ask for your support to help Dan beat cancer by seeking treatment at Hope4Cancer in Tijuana, Mexico. Your donations will help cover the cost of treatment, lodging, and meals during this difficult time.

With love, we thank you in advance for your contributions, thoughts, and prayers.

-From the children of Dan and Kathy Drinkman