Cody Flint is just like you.  He grew up in Mississippi in a hard working rural family.  Cody got his license to fly small engine aircraft at 17 years old and at 19 proudly accepted a job working as crop duster in his rural home town.  Cody got married to a local girl, a school teacher, bought a house and had two sons that are now 8 and 4. Cody is like all of us.  He lives a simple honest life, doing the best for his family and working hard.  Then covid hit.  He followed the recommended protocols and to keep his co-workers and family safe as per CDC guidelines, Cody was one of the first in line to get the shot. 

February 1, 2021 Cody proudly rolled up his sleeve and got the shot with his wife, they then went out to lunch.  30 minutes after getting the Covid Vax his head hurt, a massive headache ensued, a burning sensation moved down his back.  On Feb 3 Cody had a flying job, while he was in the air he noticed he had tunnel vision that was progressively growing worse.  This particular crop job was scheduled for three hours.  Two hours in Cody realized he could not finish and grew increasingly concerned he could not land the plane and looked to land it on the highway but traffic prohibited doing so safely.  He could barely move his arms and legs and was unable to speak and nearly unconscious when he landed on the runway he took off from and was physically removed from his craft by fellow workers.  Cody has no recollection of landing his aircraft and "blacked-out".

On February 10, 2021 Cody was seen at the Ear Imbalance Institute in Louisiana.  After extensive testing he was told that both his ears had been ruptured and were leaking fluid into his skull.  He was also told that injuries of that sort (both ears rupturing) are typically caused by highly traumatic occurrences such as hellacious auto accidents or plane crashes.  Neither happened to Cody.  He did however have the Covid Vaccine with tremendous inflammation bursting both his ears.  His Doctors confirmed that the vaccine was the culprit.

The Covid Vaccine is exempt from vaccine injury claims.  Cody now has no means to earn a living and provide for his family.  

This page is set up for donations that will directly go to Cody Flint to pay for his medical bills and living expenses.  Please be generous and every penny counts.  This could be you, this could be your brother or your father.....just another honest, hard working citizen who thought they would take the advice of the CDC and "be safe" yet had their life destroyed and livelihood.  The CDC nor the vaccine manufacturers have any liability for injuries and are exempt from damages claims thus there is not one to turn to to pay for the hardship, impairment and suffering.