NH 9 Wrongful Arrests

Campaign Created by: Kelley Potenza
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Goal : $45,000

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Help Is Needed For The 9 NH Freedom Fighters!

On 10/13/21, at the New Hampshire Executive Council meeting, the following individuals listed below were arrested for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. There is no longer the right to attend a public meeting in the state of New Hampshire unless you sit down and shut up. Even saying the Pledge of Allegiance loudly is now a problem for Governor Christopher T. Sununu. This lawless and blatant disregard for the constitutional rights of the people falls directly on Dictator Sununu.

Governor Sununu has created a police state in New Hampshire and does NOT work for -or- on behalf of the people and hasn't for several years now. All the funds raised on this site will be distributed to the individuals that were wrongly arrested to help cover any legal fees they might incur while they fight this tyranny.

In addition, we need all the names and contact information for everyone that witnessed what took place today. We will need all witnesses to fill out affidavits. Please send all information, pictures, and videos you have to:


NH Freedom Fighters Who Were Wrongfully Arrested:

Kathleen A. Bussiere-Appleton
Newton, NH
*Disorderly Conduct
*Resisting Arrest
Kathleen A. Bussiere-Appleton was physically assaulted (attacked) by the NH State Police and we have 5 eyewitness accounts and videos of this atrocity occurring.

Terese M. Grinnell
Loudon, NH
*Disorderly Conduct

Monica A. Holm
Hudson, NH
*Disorderly Conduct

John R. Smith
Keene, NH
*Disorderly Conduct

Emilee K. Spiller
New Ipswich, NH
*Disorderly Conduct

Frank N. Staples
Manchester, NH
*Disorderly Conduct

James E. Stuart
Rochester, NH
*Disorderly Conduct

Albert J. Todd
Nashua, NH
*Disorderly Conduct
*Resisting Arrest

Marylyn T. Todd
Nashua, NH
*Disorderly Conduct


Update #3 - November 19th Arraignment
November 24, 2021
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We have severe problems in the New Hampshire judicial system! The judge scheduled a pretrial hearing and declined to address the unconstitutional bail conditions from the bench. The district attorney DID NOT APPEAR. It looks as if the state plans to continue its unconstitutional efforts and drag out the court process.

The attorney does not want to wait for another date from the kangaroo Concord District Court. The firm is preparing papers to Superior Court for a bail appeal for the unlawful bail conditions and the denial of due process (our right to a bail hearing at arraignment.) It’s an appeal for our right to due process and to remove the ridiculous and unlawful bail conditions that should have never been on the 9 complaints in the first place! (The bail conditions were that the 9 were not allowed to contact and had to stay 1,000 feet away from the Governor and Executive Council.)

Update #2 - Attorney Secured & Arraignment Date
November 24, 2021
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Thank you freedom fighters and friends for all of your donations to help the NH Noble 9 in their legal fight. An attorney was secured a couple of weeks ago and based upon your incredible generosity, has already been paid $15,000 to represent all 9 who were unlawfully arrested. Please show up in Concord District Court for the arraignment on November 19, 2021, at 32 Clinton Street, Concord, NH.

Update #1 - THANK YOU & Witnesses Needed!
October 25, 2021
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I wanted to send an update to all the wonderful freedom fighters that have supported this Help NH 9 campaign. THANK YOU!!! We are in the process (and very close to) securing a competent attorney to represent all 9 innocent individuals arrested unlawfully on October 13th.

Please make sure EVERYONE that witnessed the arrests files a complaint with the NH DOJ and also demands a criminal investigation against Governor Sununu. VERY IMPORTANT: Please make sure to have a copy of the complaint you filed as well as your written personal account of what took place on that day. Don't forget to email me with your contact information, pictures, and videos for all who witnessed this totalitarianism.

Thank you again for all of your help!


Kelley Potenza


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