I am raising money for my wonderful sister Lauren and my nephew Spencer

Lauren is a beautiful mother with a beautiful soul. She has not had an easy life, in fact, what has happened to her would destroy most women. 

She suffered multiple, brutal sexual attacks after being drugged, thank God the man who did that to her is languishing in prison, exactly where he belongs.

She's a survivor, and despite what's happened to her, she brought a wonderful baby boy into the world, my nephew Spencer.

Spencer is a severely autistic (non communicative) boy, with very special needs. Lauren does the absolute best for him day in and day out, I don't know how she manages it, but somehow she does. I truly believe Spencer has given her the drive and the focus to push through her torment, she's one awesome mammy.

Spencer is getting to an age where he does need professional support, Lauren is his rock, his everything, and he is hers, but they both need help on their journey.

Lauren just wants to give Spencer the very best chance he has to be able to find his way in the very difficult world he he has to navigate on a daily basis. Just like any loving mammy would.

Lauren wants to be able to pay for an occupational therapist, one that specialises in the needs of children like Spencer, to make life at home and in school that little bit easier.

With your kindness and your generosity, maybe we can make that a reality for both of them.

If you can find it in your heart, please help my sister and my nephew and make a positive difference to their lives.

God bless you all.