Hey everyone,

This campaign is an attempt to crowdfund equipment for our unit callsign: Helljumpers. We are an International Legion Special Forces team operating in Eastern Ukraine since the beginning of the war and have participated in the battle of Irpin, battle of Popasna, and the battle of Severodonetsk. We’ve now moved to be a part of the Mykolaiv counteroffensive. Though our basic needs are supplied by the Ukrainian military, there are specific things we need that would give our unit increased protection and lethality.

Below is a list of equipment needed:

Helmet mounted night vision goggles

- Laser range finder

- Encrypted radios

- IR capable drone

- All terrain vehicle with or without armor


Thank you in advance for all your support as every donation matters. You can find us on social media @HelljumpersUA


Feet first into hell, 

Slava Ukraini!