Hi! I’m Francie. Mom of 6, wife, daughter, and content creator for the Heaven in Your Home Podcast and more. I am being joined in this project by my dear friend and talented musician, Kathryn Brunner.

There’s never been a more vital time for us to be intentional about the ways we are teaching, leading and investing in our kids’ hearts and worldview.  

While the radical roar of culture gets louder, we want to invite you to join us in launching a music platform, Heaven in Your Home Family Music, offering families a foundation-building space to celebrate God’s wonderful design and truth through song. 

It all started a few years ago. I wanted to purposefully plant seeds of God’s word into my kids’ hearts, especially in light of the cultural confusion around sexuality. So I made up a little rap based on 1 Corinthians 6:19-20. Those verses declare that our bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit and that we are to glorify God with our bodies.

The catchiness of the rap caught on and all of my kids not only sing it while we’re in the kitchen or in the car, but that rap launched us into countless deeper conversations about the significance of God’s design, His heart for us, and His amazing plan for how we live in our bodies as male and female. 

We want to see that happen for families all over the world. We want to see the life-shaping power of music, combined with truth filled theology, form our kids worldviews and shift the culture of our homes from the inside, out. 

Heaven in Your Home Family Music will produce beautiful, relevant, celebratory music that the whole family can enjoy.

Heaven in Your Home Family Music is for parents and kids of all ages and will help make the connection between faith and the goodness of being God's image bearers. 

The songs feature scripture-based themes like: 

Who is God?

Why did God make us?

What does it mean to be an image bearer? 

Why did God make us male and female?

What does my body have to do with God?

How did Jesus show us love, and how does He call us to love?

With your support and prayers, Heaven in Your Home Family Music will be professionally recorded and produced in August 2022, bringing families just like yours meaningful, memorable songs to enjoy together.

Even with a small donation, you will become a significant partner in bringing Heaven in Your Home Family Music to homes and help impart truth into the hearts and minds of the next generation.

Won’t you join us today?

Our immediate goals:

  1. To surround families like yours with the truth of God's word. You can be equipped to discern fact from feeling, truth from lies and walk in the freedom Christ provides.

  1. To equip parents like you with the simple ways to teach big theology. Through the words and themes of these songs, you will have a shared language, all set to memorable melodies, that can be a bridge to bigger, deeper conversations. 

  1. To give your children ways to dance, sing and celebrate the TRUTH. God made your children and they are His meaningful masterpiece. In His wisdom, He gave them a body, defined their gender and called His design VERY good.

Let’s bring Heaven in Your Home Family Music to families everywhere. We are trusting God that it would grow and become widely available on streaming services everywhere. We hope that your family (and all families around the world) can freely access this truth-inspired, joyful music and easily play it straight into the kitchen, car, or family room - all the places where life happens and hearts are formed. 

By God's grace we have a team of amazing musicians and producers standing by, ready to bring this dream to life! 

Would you consider partnering with us? Your donation will help get this truth-FILLED and God inspired collection produced and in your home (and homes everywhere), as we seek to serve, love and lead this next generation into hope and wholeness.

Bless you!!

Francie (and the Heaven in Your Home Team)

ps- Thank you so much for being willing to partner with us! If you're wanting to be more equipped around these topics, check out my series "BodyTalks for Kids" (episodes 96-99) on the Heaven In Your Home Podcast.