Help Develop "The Heart of Eden" A Women's Ranch For Healing From Childhood Abuse

My name is Vanessa Horabuena and I am a Christ Follower and God has put on my heart the desire to help women survivors of childhood abuse, of all types, come together in a safe space for healing. The land God led me to is 109 acres of lakeview property surrounded by desert mountain vistas just north of Phoenix, AZ. The longer term vision for The Heart of Eden Women's Ranch, by God's will, with His grace, and with your support, is to host up to 500 women on the property at one time - God's plans are so much bigger than our plans! 

The Heart of Eden Ranch will offer women a holistic approach to healing.The intuitive healing of horses, a connection to the earth through gardening, and creative expression through art will complement biblical principles for their healing journey. The ranch will use these God-given gifts to help bring women through a process of growth and understanding, and finally, rebirth.

Our program includes:

  • Life coaching
  • Health and nutrition coaching
  • Praise and worship
  • Faith-based equine therapy
  • Extensive art therapy
  • Organic Gardening
  • Life Skills

I humbly ask for your help to raise an initial $200,000 to start on the infrastructure of this beautiful, completely untouched land. Every dollar raised will be allocated to specific, scoped and budgeted projects.


  • Excavation and Grading of the road to the property
  • Leveling Horse arena
  • Horse arena steel Fencing
  • Hay barn & tack shed
  • Tiny House landing pad clearing 
  • Removal of cholla and jumping cactus
  • Shade structures
  • Planting of 200 trees
  • Lighting
  • Off Grid Solar Unit to Power all electric needed
  • Water well drilling
  • Water pump & Water Storage tank

Women who suffered sexual abuse, verbal abuse, physical abuse, spiritual abuse and neglect during childhood form beliefs that drive unhealthy and unsafe behavior later in life because of the unprocessed trauma left behind. Our scars and battle wounds often affect our relationships, ability to allow others close, our work ethic, self-belief, and devastatingly, our relationship with God and our feelings and beliefs about Him. But there is a process of healing and there is hope to grow from those very real places of pain.

I am one of those women.

From my own pain and suffering I found healing, I found growth, and I began expressing myself through art. I give all the glory to God for my healing. I am now a professional painter who specializes in Christian-themed and Patriotic art. All of my work can be found at

Much of the profits from the sales of my art are being used on this project, just as God has put it on my heart.

I am blessed to be called to use my inherent creative abilities to honor and praise God. God is using me and my art to lead people to Christ in a unique way. When the vision for The Heart of Eden Ranch was placed on my heart, I knew art therapy would be a focal point for healing. When I teach art, it is always a very vulnerable experience. People often face their inner beliefs in a very raw way. Through art expression, they are given the opportunity to face wrong beliefs and self-doubt as well as self-sabotage - they are then given the tools and experience to change those beliefs for the good of their lives. Art is a part of who we are, and this aspect of the ranch will be vital to getting women back in touch with their real identity- made in the image of God who created everything we see...each woman is a creative person. Also just like art- the aim is for each woman to experience the revelation that she is priceless, beautiful and worthy!

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