Help heal Dr Chuck Thurston's lymphoma

Campaign Created by: Evidences Biblical Institute

The funds from this campaign will be received by Mary Thurston.

Goal : USD $50,000
Raised : USD $ 20,315

From Therese:

My dear husband, Dr. Chuck Thurston, who has healed so many, now needs your help to be healed from systemic lymphoma.

We all know Chuck's enormous heart.  For nearly half a century, he has saved thousands of lives as a board certified ER doctor.  Most recently, he has worked as a COVID ICU doctor and also treated hundreds of patients all over the country by phone during the pandemic.  He's brought life to so many, even as he prayed for God's wisdom.

Chuck has always had incredible, even divine, insight into how to diagnose and bring health to his patients -- all while being that "country doctor" who goes out of his way to visit patients in their homes or even driving to other states to help -- often not charging for his service or simply asking for a donation to our ministry. The quintessential patient advocate, Chuck has fought for patients, making sure they get the treatment they need.

Now the doctor is the patient.  And it's very serious.  We need a miracle. He has lymphoma, specifically PTCL (Peripheral T-cell lymphoma).  It is an aggressive disease in which the patient’s T cells become cancerous.  (See photo of large lesion on his forearm.) Richter syndrome is also in the diagnosis.  Very alarming.  See:  Richter syndrome

Chuck's health has deteriorated rapidly.  He has extreme pain, increasing weakness and confusion.  The man with boundless energy -- who could work a 72 hour shift in the ER and come home and work on our farm for 12 hours -- now can barely walk.  He's been in the care of The James Cancer Center at Ohio State as an outpatient.  But just this week, his health plummeted.  We had to take him to the ER at OSU, where he's now a patient.  They continue to run multiple tests.

We've also looked into other, very successful, treatment options that we will be pursuing as well.

All of these treatments are quite expensive and, obviously, Chuck can't work to provide an income.  This has put a strain on us.   

The monoclonal antibody drug his hematologist says he needs for this particular form of lymphoma -- brentuximab vedotin (Adcetris) -- costs $30,000 for one dose.  But the doc won't prescribe it because of the cost.

So... to our dear friends and family, we're asking for your help. This is not easy for me to do.  Chuck and I have dedicated our lives to pouring ourselves out for others.  So this is very humbling to be on the receiving end.

Your gifts, through GiveSendGo, will go to our ministry, Evidences Biblical Institute.  These funds will be used for Chuck's medical expenses and to help with other living expenses as we fight for his complete healing.

We also ask that you join with us to pray for Chuck's total restoration.  The medical world and so many hurting patients need his incredible knowledge and skill as a doctor.  But we also want to continue to share the amazing spiritual insights God shows him about the body, medicine and the physical world.

We love you so much and so appreciate the incredible blessing of knowing you as a friend and part of our family.  I say, (on behalf of Chuck), with tears and a heart overflowing: "I thank my God through Jesus Christ for you all..."  Romans 1:8.

We can't thank you enough for your prayers, love and generosity.

Much love and the Lord's blessing,


P.S. I'll be sharing Chuck's progress through Updates... so please check back.  Also, if God leads you... you can add special Prayer Requests.  I'll definitely read these to Chuck.


Glory Story CANCER IS GONE‼️
September 6, 2022
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I wanted to let you know how Dr. Chuck is doing since his last chemotherapy treatment. The process of healing from the treatment has been tough. Anybody who knows Chuck he has always been high energy. His struggle is overwhelming fatigue. The tumor has caused damage to his left hand and pain, it is not working properly and is very weak. I know he is really anxious to get back to work. Chuck’s heart’s desire is to see his patients to be well. We are learning to live by faith not by site as far as our financial situation goes. I have learned that God is faithful all the time‼️

Update #16
July 20, 2022
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GLORY Story Time! Dr. chuck’s Pet Scan came declaring he has NO cancer in his body. His blood work was really good no need for a blood transfusion. This is a good day indeed‼️

Update #15
July 20, 2022
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Mr. and Mrs. Red and their kids have become so dear to us. When the impossible comes into our lives it’s amazing at the speed we can shift. Chuck and I are in waters we have never been before, it has been so hard on both of us. But for God‼️We began to pay attention to the beauty all around us, it does not matter how weary we are delight can come us at any moment. Birds, bunnies, flowers. The smell of a fresh rain or a freshly mowed lawn. The wonders of watching our neighbors cut the fields and the hay rolled those wonderful round bails. We have lots reasons to reject the wonder all round us and let cancer have total rule over us. On the worst days Father would send us a surprise. When we almost lost Chuck to death Steve Shoaf and Isaac Nesbit dropped their CD. I played that worship into his chest for days. Today Chuck is able to drive, his mind is firing on all cylinders, he is able to get in and out of the hot tub and pool. I declare we are blessed. He had his fifth chemo, Pet Scan and most likely a blood transfusion. We are expecting his last chemo will be in August. Thank You and Blessings to all your prayer and financial support. 

Update #24
June 8, 2022
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Note Dr. Chuck’s Gandhi pose, post-chemo. His left arm is now free of the fungating lymphoma now. But he still has forearm weakness in that hand. He cannot type or finger any fret board yet. Loss of hair from chemo and loss of 40 more pounds has cured his hypertension and greatly lowered his blood sugar. Please pray for healing of his weakness in walking and for restored of function im his left arm. 

Glory Story! We Are still Standing‼️
June 5, 2022
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We had no idea how difficult this journey would be for us‼️ The chemotherapy is showing improvement in the lymphoma on Chuck’s arm, it’s very dramatic. The side effects are difficult for Chuck. From losing his hair, to fatigue to vision problems. Today he had number 6 blood transfusion. The frustration from not being able to back to work as a physician, to not to be the active man he as always been. The Emotional up-and-down and hard on him when he takes his steroids. Thank you for your prayers and Financial support as we learn how to move through these very rough waters.

Glory Story
May 10, 2022
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Today is Dr. Chuck’s birthday🎈He is 70 years old and is expecting many more years. Thank You for your prayers and generous financial support.

Glory Story…… CHUCK does not have colon cancer‼️
May 5, 2022
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Hello There from the Thurston farm,

I am so happy to tell everyone that we learned CHUCK does not have colon cancer.  The last few weeks would of been impossible without the Lord and all of your prayers. We were at the James Cancer Center for month to the day. During the last few weeks at the James, Chuck received 4 blood transfusion with platelets. He also received Neupogen this is a drug that help build white blood cells within his bone marrow. The pain Chuck experienced was extreme. They were finally able to give him something for pain along with Claritin that really helped him. He was moved to a rehab center to help him get stronger and to be able to walk. On Friday he learned several staff members tested positive for Covid. All the help Chuck was receive stopped. Chuck saw the handwriting on the wall and he had to get out there before was some kind of a lockdown would be enforced . So last Sunday,May 1, 2022 a dear friend Tony helped me get Chuck out of there. It was a beautiful day for him to be outside for the first time in 5 weeks. The three of us ended up at the Park of Roses in Columbus at a picnic table and had a bible study.I were able to get him home and into the house. He is resting well, I could see the stress melt off of him. It is challenging to figure out how to meet all the needs Chuck because he is still so weak this is causing frustration as Chuck is trying to be more independent. We need prayer for patience and wisdom on how to care for him so he continue to be healed. This morning he had his first home care visit, Chuck, Andrew and I were so pleased with the plan they have for Chuck.The man who will be doing physical therapy will be here on Friday. His next Chemo treatment will be on May 11, 2022.We are so grateful for the outpouring of love, prayers and the Financial help.


Mary Therese

Glory Story… “Chuck shall live and not die” Jan Sommer
April 21, 2022
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We have been at the James Cancer Center for over three weeks. On Tuesday Chuck received his first dose of Chemo with a blood transfusion. This necessary to kill the lymphoma that invaded his body. We know in about 13 days he will begin to loose his hair. We are beginning to say goodbye to his magnificent mustache for a season. We will celebrate when it grows back. We are in this process so that Chuck will continue to pour into others life through his practice of medicine and ministry. Thank you for your continued prayers and generosity.

Dr. Chuck starts Chemo Tomorrow‼️
April 19, 2022
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This afternoon we learned that Chuck starts treatment for the lymphoma that is in his body. Please pray that the treatment pinpoint the exactly where it needs to go to begin healing process in Chucks body. I need wisdom on how help him without smoothing him. He will then be to Dodd Hall Rehabilitate Center, so he will build his strength. Once again I am humbled by your generosity and all the prayers you have sent to us.

Glory Story…….When we are weak He is strong‼️
April 16, 2022
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A week ago our faith was challenged as Chuck fought to live and I prayed in the Spirit. I watched Heaven move on our behalf. Since this major set back Chuck been weak in his body.  We have been praying about our next step in Chucks recovery. Today he was accepted into Dodd Hall Rehabilitation Center he will be there are at least 14 days to regain his strength. It looks like we will be here at the James Cancer Center until next Wednesday. Thank You for your prayers and Financial support. 

Glory Story …….God Heard Our Prayers ‼️
April 14, 2022
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Today the Dr.’s came and let us know that Chuck’s white cell count and platelets are improving from yesterday. All day yesterday Chuck was aware of the power of what Jesus did for him on the cross. He wept in deep gratitude all day, he was so aware that there was healing in his body. On this beautiful sunny day we heard the testimony of the goodness of God‼️

Glory Story Yet We Stand‼️
April 13, 2022
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This morning we were told that Chuck’s platelet count continues to drop. We listened, took notes and talked about strategies we might choose.This week we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus and his complete work of the cross. Walking in and through faith looks upside down and backwards. We listen to all the Doctors then go to Jesus and council with in prayer. Once again we heard,” Love cast all fear.”

Fingerprints of God?
April 12, 2022
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Tonight from Chucks hospital room we declare,”God’s Got This🙏“ Today we received two bracelets from the Gunning’s from Florida, with this profound message engraved on them! This a fingerprint from God today.🦋

Today was a good day‼️
April 12, 2022
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We are looking for the fingerprints of God all around us. When frustration and fear try to rush in like a wave, we are learning how to move from fear to seeing Jesus in our situation, by immersing ourselves in worship. Last night Chuck wanted to hear Ray Hughes CD, One Note. Every song spoke to where we are and more important who we are in Jesus! Chuck and I are very aware of what is in his body. Cancer does not HAVE Chuck, it does not own him‼️ Today we received bracelets the declare,” Gods Got This🙏“ This our declaration for today.

Try Day lead us to resolute faith!
April 11, 2022
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Since last Thursday we have been on a roller coaster between life and death. Because of our faith mixed with yours we saw Gods hand move on our behalf. We have wept reading all of your prayers for us. Today is a good day, Chucks voice is back, the NG tube is working to get the air from his gut, it is deflating. The surgeon’s will look at him again. The nursing staff on the 16th and 18th floor have been amazing. Once again bless you for spiritual and financial support.

Life Saving Monoclonal Antibodies for Dr. Chuck
April 8, 2022
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  • Good Afternoon,
  • I wanted to send an update. From the very beginning of this journey the only treatment discussed was the monoclonal antibodies that are specific to the type of lymphoma that is in Chucks body. One of the Dr.s assumed we would not want to use them because of the cost of 30,000.00 a dose. I was horrified that another more toxic and not as effective protocol would be considered. A resolve came over me to get the very best treatment for my husband. With the help of others helping me work with the pharmaceutical company to obtain this treatment for Chuck and your support we can get this accomplished.This is exactly what he has done for others and much more.
  • Bless and Thank You for your prayer and financial support.

Chuck in extreme pain. Please pray.
April 8, 2022
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Chuck has 10 out of 10 pain in his right flank.  They did a CT scan.  No kidney stone.  But they don't know what is causing it.  Please pray for diagnosis and pain relief. 


  • Need $30,000 monoclonal antibody. Hematologist says Chuck needs brentuximab vedotin (Adcetris). It specifically treats his form of lymphoma. But the drug costs $30,000 per dose and he won't prescribe it because of the cost. We believe that God will provide the funds. We also have contacted Seagen -- the pharmaceutical manufacturer of the drug. Please pray that they will provide the drug for less cost.