During the last 30 years the Hartselle Historical Society has been the custodian of important records of our City's past, including the 800+ images of Hartselle dating back to 1870, documents and pictures of Morgan County Training School and of Morgan County High School, railroad artifacts, records of our founding families and early businesses and many other important holdings significant to Hartselle’s rich history. For 22 years we have maintained an office and, more recently, started a Library and Museum in The Burleson Center to make Hartselle’s history available for all to see. Recently the Hartselle City School System resumed use of The Burleson Center. They have graciously permitted us to use the second floor of the building, but we realize this arrangement is only temporary. In addition, the second floor is not ADA compliant and there is not enough room to display our many exhibits and artifacts. Thus, the Hartselle Historical Society is looking for a permanent home! To help with the purchase or rent of a space, the Hartselle Historical Society, as a 501(c)3 non-profit, will be establishing a fund to help meet this need for a dedicated, self-supporting space in which to showcase Hartselle’s treasured past.
We need your help! Real Estate is limited, renovations are expensive and we're a small (yet mighty) group of dedicated historians who do not want to see our history lost forever.  Please help us raise money for a permanent location, needed renovations and the ability to maintain our history. 

Thank you in advance. We can't wait to see what our future holds in a new location!