Hello, my name is Phillip Cappadora. I am an Actor from New York City. I’ve worked many trades over the years; construction, cooking, landscaping, laboring, delivery guy, sales, modeling, and technician. I’ve worn dozens of hats, but nothing makes me happier than being an artist. 

One afternoon while working, riding my bike, and delivering food, I found a cat lying on the sidewalk, barely alive. Someone threw them out of a window from the fourth-floor window.

People were standing around looking, but I knew it was time to act.

I grabbed a box from a nearby pharmacy, scooped the orange ball of fur into his arms and pedaled to the nearest veterinarian.

The vet said the Tabby cat, which I named Avalanche because it came tumbling down from the sky, had a concussion and was being put in the ICU. The vets asked for a down payment of one hundred dollars and warned me the bill would be around two thousand dollars to save the cat's life. I turned as white as the dalmatian puppy sitting in the lobby.

The cat wasn’t the only one in trouble. I had two part-time jobs, trying to make a living as an actor, but I only had $400.00 for rent due next week. So I gave the vet $100.00 and walked a mile back home feeling defeated.

I couldn’t earn all that money in a week, so I posted about this situation on social media, begging the community to come to my rescue. I was so emotionally drained I stayed home and prayed for a miracle.

Within hours of sharing the photos online, my neighborhood heard about the rescue.

When I woke up the following day, I had received $2,800, more than enough to cover the bill. My neighbors donated to the rescue, the local news station reported the story, and I was a hero for one day.

The Cat survived, and I adopted her. Also, this Tabby turned out to be a girl, so I renamed her AVA.

This experience got me thinking of how many animals need help and how I can help them unless I know where they are.

My name is Phillip Cappadora, I am the founder of Avas Happy Corner, and I’m on a mission to rescue animals.

I started developing a plan to create an animal emergency app for a rescue team that would respond quickly to any calls, like ambulances, firefighters and police officers.

Once again, I don’t have enough money to cover the costs. Even for an experienced builder like me, this isn’t going to be easy.

I'm raising money for the inventory needed to build the shelters. One million bricks would be the best way to get the lowest cost of each brick so I can capitalize on how many shelters I could build for the winter.


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