Hampstead Case is a massive international scandalous cover up concerning the two young children who witnessed horrendous crimes against them and number of other children in Hampstead, UK. This campaign is dedicated to raise the legal funds for the purpose of releasing children from the clutches of organised criminal network and returning them to their mother and maternal family, and finally achieving the justice.

Over seven years have passed since I, Ella Gareeva, Alisa and Gabriel’s mother was forced to flee from Britain after persons unknown, without my consent, uploaded videos of my children disclosing horrific details of organised sexual abuse, child trafficking and murder. The case was covered up and the children handed to the alleged abuser.

Those years have been fraught with difficulties, heartbreak and anxiety. Love for my children, faith in God and the support of my family and many good friends have given me strength to push on in the battle for justice and simultaneously, concentrate on finding the means to support myself abroad.

These last 7 years have forced me to face reality - there is no organisation or authority who will ask the necessary questions and act promptly to hold incompetent and, probably criminally complicit professionals and authorities to account - there is no one wiling to act to safeguard the children.

While it is easy for the world and its corrupt medias to brush my children and all the victims they refer to in their detailed disclosures, as a "hoax". I do not have that luxury of choice about what to believe. I have no choice but to believe what I know and I know for certain, my children were not coached. I know they and all the other children remain at risk to this day. I cannot describe the emotional and psychological pain I live with, knowing that my own children and all the other special children, remain in custody of their abusers.

We are now left with no choice except, to pursue International legal remedy and private prosecutions against negligent and/or suspect professionals. We sincerely hope our proposed legal actions will deliver prompt attention toward helping all children referred to in this case and will serve to directly challenge present UK protocols on investigating organised child abuse, child trafficking and murder of trafficked children: Keir Starmer's 'Credibility Clause' needs to be scrapped.

Our sincere and heartfelt thanks extend to all who have given their support and/or contributed toward funding this legal action; we thank you for your courage and for sharing this terrible burden of lawful suspicion.