The Georgia Republican Party Corporation has been allowing a STRONG authoritarian creep and depriving Republicans of the ability to elect their own representatives in politically mapped areas. This is occurring across the state by a few distinct mechanisms. Unchecked leftist forces within the party are moving to tighter local control of elections, irrespective of the true electorate.

Party officers are accomplishing this political misconduct by breaching existing State Rules convenient to their “cause,” making twisted interpretations of State Rules, and some claiming “ambiguity” to create their own “extra powers” or “arbitrary permissions.” Even some patriots within the party are getting dragged into it "believing" it is the right way.

Ironically, the leftist within the GOP look the same, use conservative buzz worrds, and seem to say the right things on their GA GOP campaign trail. They claim they want to "develop precincts" and "get resources to grassroots." However, those who have watched them closely have witnessed their overt block of precinct organization, soiling of appeals to correct party corruption, and dark tactics for decades. Georgia is far behind other Republican states.

Patriots need to help the GA GOP return to its platform by seeking the highest credentialed parliamentarians and parliamentary lawyers to draft opinions and propose amendments NOW!

This is a multi-county effort to present the truth and defend the most basic tenets of our vital Republican system. Without the ability to attain and assert honest majorities, the Republican system in Georgia is gone. 

We have little time! State Rules proposals are due by April 28th.