The GoGo IDAHO Community Fund campaign is organized to serve needs & reduce sorrow within our community.

We are a dedicated growing team of faithful individuals watching for gaps to fill within needed services and have stepped up to serve. Nathaniel Conway, and Bryan Bowermaster of Boise, Idaho. are working together to lead others to participate in a Community Outreach program that is overseen by a group of People calling themselves the: Find Go Idaho Board of Directors. 

We are currently using our personal and available resources to provide care and compassion to those in our community without #Food #CleanWater #Clothing #Bedding #Shelter #Transportation #Warmth #Care and #Companionship. Our members have been walking, riding and driving the streets of the Capital of Idaho as well as other surrounding places such as the entire Treasure Valley, parts of the Magic Valley and pushing north along highway 95 as we have close connections with New Meadows, McCall, Riggins and St Marys. We hope to grow our outreach to hold a post in the hearts of all in each town of IDAHO and spread to the surrounding territories.

Your funds will be delicately managed to be used for the operations of reaching out to those in need as well as those in need that may not be reaching out for help, but truly in desperate need. Every #Life is valuable and #MentalHealth is ravaging our community and effecting us all as one. Children in need always hold a special calling and we will be pushing the need for our programs like #KidAgainIdaho a committee dedicated to building teams of #Strong, #Brave, & #Compassionate individuals seeking out #Families with children that may be suffering from #Mental, #Physical #illness and in need of competition and a fresh start for the next day to bring #Hope & #Acceptance into their life's. This team of individuals talk to the community and scan the local internet to locate need. Then #Volonteers take their team on foot or vehicles with products #Provided by #Doners like You. We enter the homes of the families to clean house, wash clothes, fill cupboards and prepare any students for a successful state of future education by leaving resources behind in a manner that is sought to be as less invasive as possible.

Each aspect of our #Outreach is planned and put together in a way that we see lifting up community members of all walks of life and #Teach & #Educate from within as much as possible so that when we can continue to meet the #Goal. That goal is seeing a person that was once ready to #Giveup reach out and #Help another while giving themselves the #Power to #Lift #Themselves up from #Sorrow and into #MentalClarity by the power of outreach and #Loving #others.

I hope You can agree and find in your heart that we are a genuinely loving & driven group of people with the desire to see more #sharing of love and compassion and in the process we know you will see a difference in the everyday life you see throughout the State and ties to the #World and grow #Trust within us. #Please #JoinUs #InPerson #Now

Thank You,