In 2016 God allowed me to be diagnosed with cancer.After two years of not seeing clear results, I decided to go to Kyiv to see my two dear friends Vitaly and Dima for the last time.

Upon my arrival, I learned of a war that was taking place against Russia.  My friends believed that we could somehow help the Ukrainian soldiers, and that was when God spoke to my heart about going to the soldiers on the frontlines.

Many people said this was not possible as an American cannot go to the frontlines. However, after 13 trips visiting and ministering to the soldiers on the frontlines, God has made it clear to me that God Loves Ukraine and God loves the Ukrainian soldiers.Every trip has been blessed and we always make friends with the dear soldiers of Ukraine.

These soldiers are just trying to protect their homes from the illegal invasion on their sovereign territory! They are fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves. As I write this, I am on my way for the 14th trip to Ukraine. Many obstacles have been before us but God has a plan.  Please pray for Ukraine, the people and especially the soldiers of Ukraine.If possible, please join us in this effort by giving as we endeavor to minister and help provide a people in crisis. 


May God give victory and peace!

-          Ron Jackson