Glorybee Channel provides media coverage for patriots and movements which have included The Peoples Convoy, 1776 Restoration Movement, 4Ashli, and other protests and political statements taking a stand to protect our constitutional rights and freedoms in these United States of America and promote justice everywhere around our planet. There are "field trips" to points of interest to highlight why we want to preserve this Constitutional Republic, remind us of our fascinating history and enjoy the beauty and mystery of God's great creations. Glorybee has been blessed to share content to a diverse population which includes retired veterans and people with disabilities, whom have stated they are able to "visit" places and participate with events which they are no longer able to attend physically. I could never have foreseen how God would use my livestreaming to bring such gifts and a sense of community to so many of us. Glorybee is sustained fully through contributions which all go to Jennifer Oberholtzer the sole proprietor. God bless you for helping our channel to continue through your prayers and donations.