Political Prisoner David Dempsey

Campaign Created by: Daniel Dempsey

The funds from this campaign will be received by Daniel Dempsey.

Monthly Goal: USD $60,000
Raised this month: USD $50
Total Raised: USD $ 18,792

Thank you everyone who has already donated and thank you to anyone who is donating. It is greatly appreciated and all the proceeds will be going to hiring a lawyer for my defense.

My little brother David Dempsey is being held against his will and has had all of his GOD given rights ripped away from him as an AMERICAN in the Washington D.C. jails for the protest that occurred on Jan. 6. He has been denied bail unless we can aquire a "substantial amount of capital" exact words from Fed court judge he has been denied due process violating his civil rights for what authorities believe to be is him at the Capitol on Jan. 6. I think its safe to say he is being politcally silenced for his beliefs in the CONSTITUTION. HE is a literal POLITICAL PRISONER. Since his arrest on AUG. 26 in the early morning hours by a counter terrorism task force armed to the teeth. He was ripped from his daughters and wife's grasp (bruising her ribs by stabbing her so hard with the barrel of the gun to scare her and move her away)  he was just sleeping with his daughter and wife. They've not allowed any attorney visits, he has been exposed to multiple different diseases in high concentration. Due to the overpopulation and lack of cleaning supplies and hygeine products givin to inmates incarcerated by the United States Government for political bias he has been given no treatment for kidney stones, IBS, and chrons disease.

Any help is greatly appreciated in this upward battle against tyranny. All donations will go to legal, medical and living cost strictly for my brother, his wife, and child to help aid in the fight for PATRIOTISM to live on in GODS country. Thank you all for your help and prayers from my family to the whole Patriot family. 


Update #2
December 5, 2022
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"Please do not feel under circumstances donations are necessary any form of support is highly appreciated be it letters, prayers, or donations whatever form of support I receive is beyond appreciated regardless of your ability to donate financially." 

David D 

Update #1
December 5, 2022
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Hello fellow Patriots,

   I'd like to give a quick update on my brother's situation and express his gratitude for all the prayers and donations he has received thus far from God fearing country loving patriots. It has taken a huge amount of stress off of his shoulders, allowed him to be able to stay in contact with his family and not be in financial ruin. He hasn't yet been able to aquire private representation (very high cost) and is being railroaded by the Biden regime. I am going to try and respond to each and every prayer or contributor personally from recent months. I've been literally crippled by health ailments and as a result it has stifled my abilities in regards to keeping up with this give send go I apologize for not getting around to this sooner. 

  My brother wants you all to know he holds you near and dear to his heart. That all the energy being put into him is not a lost cause. It has allowed him to keep a level head and not lose hope in this glorious country that the left is trying so hard to destroy. He wants to say thank you, to keep fighting the good fight and don't lose faith. If not for each and every one of you he would be completely gone mentally and that you truly will never know the positive impact you've had on his mind and soul. In addition to keeping him stable you've also helped him allow his daughter to be homeschooled and will give him the ability to be apart of her Christmas in more ways then just a phone call(Personal Gifts). "Although my situation is horrid God has clearly chosen to bless me by allowing me to receive his glory in the form of much needed help from each and every beautiful soul that has been apart of this journey, for that I am truly thankful to God and know he is good all the time Merry Christmas Patriots always remember to cherish your family and love ones and to hold them very close GOD BLESS YOU ALL... Oh yeah I almost forgot Trump Won and Let's Go Brandon!" David

God bless you and God bless America. 


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