When I was in Hong Kong this past July, I met a lady named Loretta.  Loretta was actually born and raised in Hong Kong but then moved to Australia.  She had returned to Hong Kong to visit family during the time that I was there.  I taught a Bible School at the church where her family member attended.  It was pure coincidence (If you don't believe in God things) that Loretta and I ended up at the same place at the same time.  She came to our VBS and volunteered every day the week that I was assigned to her church.  Each day we would have lunch together and talk about our lives and missions.  She really impressed me talking about her church in Australia.  She said that Australia has opened its borders to many refugees from other parts of the world.  When these refugees arrive in Australia, one of the first things they need to do is to learn a new language so that they can adapt to their new surroundings.  Loretta's church agreed to host English lessons in their facility.  Loretta volunteered to teach free English lessons and, in the process, has led many people to Christ.  She said to me, "I don't even have to leave my own community to have an impact on worldwide missions!"
That statement stuck with me, and I began praying about what God would have me do after we returned from Hong Kong because I was sure that my mission wasn't finished.  The very first Sunday that I was back at Ashton Baptist, there was a flyer in our bulletin for a specific Hispanic ministry asking for just prayer.  Our pastor stood in the pulpit talking about this ministry and how important it was to support the migrant community that we have for several months per year and said the words, "We don't even have to leave our own community to have an impact on worldwide missions."  Another coincidence? Or are you seeing God working yet?
I could barely wait to get home to contact the director of this Hispanic ministry.  I told him about my idea and offered to teach free English classes to any wanting to learn.  He told me there was a great need for this and asked me where I went to church.  When I told him Ashton Baptist, he said that actually this ministry originally began as a small ministry there at Ashton and then grew into several surrounding counties.  (That "coincidence" again.) We agreed that early next year, I would offer a 6-week English class and see how it goes from there.  
I got so excited about this and then I got really nervous.  I have experience teaching English to people in most parts of the world, with the exception of Latin America! The reason being is that teaching ESL is my paid job, and I think that ESL classes are probably too pricy for most of Latin America.  I have had some older students from Brazil, but those have been few and far between.  I reached out to my friends Julie and Marco in Colombia for some advice, and they gave me some great tips for not only teaching ESL to Spanish speakers but also for teaching adults. 
Then!!!  God wasn't done preparing me yet!  I was invited to go to Peru in January work and help lead a VBS in an orphanage there.   What better way to get experience teaching ESL to Spanish speakers than to work with those who have been doing this for years?  I felt the tug to say yes to this mission even before speaking with my family.  When I mentioned it to my family, Ezrah was immediately on board.  (More to come on that hopefully soon, as it is his story and not mine, but it is exciting.)  The rest of the family will not be joining us in Peru in January, but Ezrah and I are planning to be there to lead VBS, help host a soccer tournament, pass out food to those in need, and love on all the people there.  
We have already purchased our tickets.  We will fly into Lima where we will meet the rest of the mission team, then fly with them to Trujillo where we will take a 2-hour bus ride together into Pacasmayo.  I know that on our team will be several of my online teachers that went to Hong Kong with me as well as some locals from Colleton County.  
Our journey may have begun in Hong Kong, but it didn't end there.  We have other VERY exciting things in the works, but I am holding back on those because well, they are still in the works, and I am not ready to share details to all of the world.  However, I will share just as soon as I can.  We are super excited about this opportunity and would be honored if you felt led to give to help the mission there.